• Legislative ALERT — Anti-Gun Bills Introduced in Iowa Legislature. Passage Highly Unlikely.

    January 22, 2015


    Anti-gun organizations have once again submitted their usual rights-restrictive bills in the House, but key legislators have indicated that these bills will not be advancing out of the House and probably won’t even make it through committee.

    You may hear other gun groups squawking about the sky falling and needing your money to stop it from happening. DO NOT BE FOOLED, these anti-gun bills WILL NOT be passing. Instead we encourage you to save that money to spend on fun stuff, like ammunition, training or a NFA tax stamp for the suppressors that will soon be legal in Iowa!

    In the meantime, the Iowa Firearms Coalition has been working closely with leaders and legislators in both chambers and are close to achieving the final language of a bill to be filed in the Senate and the House very soon. While we can’t reveal the bill right now since negotiations are still ongoing, we are comfortable saying that once it’s passed, gun owners across Iowa will be very pleased.

    (From left to right) Richard Rodgers, Iowa Firearms Coalition Board Member; Kraig Paulsen, Speaker of the House; Linda Upmeyer, House Majority Leader; Clel Baudler, R. House Member; Gibson girls with their father, Nathan Gibson; and Barry Snell, Iowa Firearms Coalition President meet to discuss removing the age limit for children to fire handguns with proper supervision and parental permission.

    So stay tuned! When key members agree to run the bill, we will send it to you too and create an action center alert so you can continue to show your support and contribute to the passing of this historic bill.

    Fighting for your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,

    Sheena Green
    IFC Communications Director
    NRA Member




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