• 4 Hipsters Go Shooting. The Result? Their Pre-formed Opinions on Guns Change Dramatically.

    January 20, 2015

    The popular website Buzzfeed sent four hipsters to an indoor gun range in Las Vegas. Three out of the four guys had never shot a gun before and as expected they had some pretty typical anti-gun prejudices. But in the end many of those prejudices were reversed, and all it took was a little trigger time.

    Make no mistake, there’s a lot of things in this video that made us cringe. A LOT. But the overarching point remains, when non-shooting, non-gun owning people take the time to try out shooting, their opinions almost always change.

    Unfortunately people often fear what they don’t know. And that fear leads to gun bans, restrictions, and other infringements.

    Do your part to fight ignorance, invite a non-shooter to the range with you sometime. Emphasize safety, and fun. Then explain why you believe our Second Amendment rights should not be infringed.  Find an Iowa range near you.

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