• Stop Hurricane Katrina style confiscations — Support HF45

    February 11, 2015


    We’re working to keep Hurricane Katrina style gun confiscations from ever happening in Iowa. Rep. Matt Windchitl has introduced House File 45, an emergency powers act that would keep scenarios like the one seen above from playing out here in Iowa.

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    HF45 would prohibit the confiscation of firearms, ammunition, and other Second Amendment rights during a “disaster emergency proclamation” or “public disorder” declared by the governor, or any other state official, or any community within the State of Iowa. In essence this bill would keep Hurricane Katrina style confiscation of firearms from happening in Iowa.

    More specifically, during times of emergency it would keep government officials from: prohibiting, regulating, or curtailing the lawful use of firearms, or ammunition. They also could not suspend or revoke concealed carry permits or permits to acquire. The also could not seize or confiscate legally owned firearms or ammunition.

    Under this bill government officials could not force a gun shop to close down, or limit their operating hours, while other businesses in the area are allowed to remain open. Gun shops could be closed down only if all businesses the area are also shut down.

    If a person’s Second Amendment Rights are unlawfully violated during times of emergency under this bill that person is allowed pursue legal action to get their firearm and ammunition back. The government that unlawfully confiscated the firearm or ammunition would also be responsible for the victim’s court costs and attorney’s fees.

    Use our “Email Your Legislators” tool to tell Iowa’s lawmakers to support HF45 and other pro-Second Amendment legislation

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