• VIDEO: Iowa House Debating & Voting on Pro Gun Owner Bills (2/23)

    February 26, 2016


    This post contains numerous gun control advocates purposely misrepresenting, misunderstanding, and flat-out misleading people about 5 pro-gun owner bills that easily passed through the Iowa House of Representatives.

    If you choose to watch this video understand that at various points you may feel a strong urge to:

    Pull your hair out

    If the urge becomes too strong we strongly recommend that you stop the video, take a few deep breaths and remember the fact that these anti-gunners are in the vast minority. Despite their best efforts all five of these pro gun owner bills passed their votes with ease. What’s even better, many of their own party members disagreed, broke ranks and voted in favor of these bills.

    So with that in mind. Please do your best to enjoy this video. The end result is very positive. While listening to the anti’s can be maddening, from time to time it is good to be reminded of just how far they’ll go to try to halt the expansion of Iowans’ freedoms.


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