• 4 Common Myths About the NRA…Busted!

    December 12, 2014



    Originally written by Daniel T. McElrath for the NRA’s Family Insights

    Myth 1: The NRA represents gun manufacturers.

    One of the most pervasive myths about NRA is that it represents firearm manufacturers. It doesn’t. It represents firearm owners. Firearm manufacturers are represented by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Yes, manufacturers often contribute money to the Association or raffle/contest prizes to one of its many programs, but NRA—at its heart—is a non-profit civil rights organization. As for firearms manufacturers, their size and cash reserves are grossly overestimated by those who oppose gun rights. A firearm is an extremely durable product with a very long service life, and is a big-ticket item for most consumers, limiting sales. Unless a firearm manufacturer is also a defense or law-enforcement contractor with domestic and/or foreign government contracts, it is typically a small operation; certainly nowhere near being a Fortune 500 company.

    Myth 2: The NRA’s power rests in how much money it gives out to candidates.

    Many gun-control advocates seem to have trouble believing that someone would disagree with them on a subject like gun control and that, if someone does, it must be the result of greed. The truth is that the NRA’s power comes not from distributing cash, but from producing votes. NRA members are politically informed and engaged, and vote in extremely high numbers. Moreover, many are single-issue voters who have arrived at the understanding that their opinions on any other subject are potentially moot without the Second Amendment backing them up.

    Myth 3: The NRA’s influence is grossly disproportionate to its membership numbers.

    This miscalculation is based on the actual number of paid NRA memberships. It fails to consider the practical realities of non-profit advocacy. Not every family can afford separate memberships for each member of the family. Many households have only one “official” member, but everyone in the home reads the NRA Official Journal and supports the Association in spirit. During times of economic hardship, organization memberships are often viewed as a luxury and are voluntarily suspended by annual members until things improve. Further, when the political situation is “good” for gun owners (for example, when there is a pro-gun administration in Washington), gun owners feel safe and often allow their memberships to lapse. And, of course, some people just aren’t “joiners.” They believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms but, for whatever reason, don’t formally join advocacy organizations, though they vote in support of the Second Amendment. So, while NRA may have “only” 5 million members, each of those represents many like-minded folks who turn out come Election Day and cast votes in preservation of their rights.

    Myth 4: Polls show that most Americans disagree with NRA and want more gun control.

    The mainstream press often cites polls showing Americans support gun control. Don’t believe them. First of all, many of these polls are conducted immediately following highly publicized mass shootings, when people respond emotionally. Also, you have to know how the poll was conducted and how questions were posed. If asked, simply “Are you in favor of gun control?” a person on the street may say yes. However, if you pose the question “Do you favor more gun control legislation or the enforcement of existing laws?” that same person may favor the latter.

    We also must consider whether we really want Constitutional rights determined via polling. The Bill of Rights protects the individual from “the tyranny of the majority.” The Second Amendment doesn’t say “Good poll numbers being essential to good public policy, the right of the people … .” Are we forbidden from practicing a certain religion because it’s not trending well? Do we give up the right to read a good book because it’s fallen into disfavor among the majority?
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  • 97% of Iowans are ignoring the biggest threat to our 2nd Amendment rights

    October 10, 2014

    Concord AR


    During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King’s tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. They were in turn actively supported by perhaps 10% of the population. In addition to these revolutionaries were perhaps another 20% who favored their cause but did little or nothing to support it. Another one-third of the population sided with the King (by the end of the war there were actually more Americans fighting FOR the King than there were in the field against him) and the final third took no side, blew with the wind and took what came.

    From: What is a “Three Percenter?”


    Many of you may have seen the paragraph above, but if you haven’t, take a moment and think about those numbers. Where would YOU fall on that list?

    Be a three percenter – Join the fight!

    20% favor the cause…

    …but do little to nothing to support it.

    When it comes to defending our 2nd Amendment rights are you with us? Are you one of the 20% who agrees with the work we’re doing? If so, what are you doing to support those fighting for your rights? What’s stopping you from taking an active role in the fight to defend YOUR freedoms?

    10% actively support the cause

    If you’re part of the 10% of the population who actively supports the defense of YOUR rights, THANK YOU. Your contributions make our fight possible.

    3% are actually in the fight

    To the three percent that are out there campaigning with us; knocking on doors – making phone calls – talking to your neighbors  – spreading the word about why we do what do and believe what we believe — IFC is truly grateful to have you. You’re the ones our politicians fear when they defy our will. They know it’s people like you who won’t forget their actions. They know you’re the ones that will make life miserable for them during campaign season. They know that you’re the ones that are the biggest threat to their reelection efforts.

    Everyone else can talk about what they believe, but you alone can stick out your chest and boast that you are actually out their doing something for your beliefs.


    We’re fighting tooth and nail to make Iowa a true pro-gun state. We’ve brought you Shall Issue. We’ve successfully fought off attempts to weaken your 2nd Amendment rights. We’ve passed bills that will give YOU the right to stand your ground, that will protect YOUR right to keep and bear arms, that will LEGALIZE suppressors, and will make it illegal for the media to publish YOUR information. Unfortunately, all of the work on these bills has been undone by one liberal anti-gun state senator by the name of Rob Hogg. Time after time he’s blocked our bills from advancing. As frustrating as this has been, there’s still cause for hope. The only reason Hogg has been able to stand in our way is because he’s part of 26-24 Democrat majority in the Iowa Senate, but with your help that’s about to change.

    Iowa Firearms Coalition is a non-partisan organization. We’re proud to work with anyone who’ll help us defend our 2nd Amendment rights. But for far too long Rob Hogg has been able to thwart our hard work and the will of Iowans state-wide. We’ve attempted to work with Senate Democrats to find other ways of getting these bills passed, but ultimately we get nowhere. They continue to support Hogg, and defeating our attempts to work with the rest of them. This has left us with no other options. In order to protect and advance our rights we must fight to remove our biggest roadblock from power. We’re still non-partisan, but the fact is Rob Hogg and those that continue to prop him up must go.

    IFC is now actively working to flip the Iowa Senate. Our opponents hold a razor-thin majority. If we can remove them from power our ability to advance solid pro gun bills increases dramatically. In order to do that we need men and women who want to hold our politicians accountable for their actions – right now. We’re looking for the ones who are willing to stand up and call out these anti-gun politicians. We need those who haven’t forgotten the value their rights. Right now we need 3 percenters.

    Join us. Take an active role in this fight and volunteer with us today.