• The Iowa Firearms Coalition is Sexist, or So We’re Told…

    December 22, 2014

    After our last post encouraging women to empower themselves, one of the handful of anti-gunners in Iowa, who are out of touch with Iowa values, responded by calling us oblivious and sexist:

    tweet screenshot

    What we don’t think the #gun(non)sense people understand, is that a gun is a force equalizer in an assault committed against a woman. This is especially so when the woman has gone through training with her firearm and become proficient with it.*  As the saying goes, gun control is the theory that a 110 pound woman has the inalienable right to fight off a 240 pound attacker with her bare hands.

    To help get the message of empowerment across, Regis Giles is raising money to create an eye-opening film, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: The Real War on Women. She states, “I’m tired of the double standard of Hollywood and the Left glorifying the use of guns to protect themselves onscreen, while in real life, trying to take our God-given right to defend ourselves.”

    Preview below.

    If you too are tired of the anti-gunners projecting their immature fear of firearms on women, and would like to learn more or donate to Giles’ movie, you can do so on her indiegogo page.

    *Owning a gun makes you no more defended than owning a piano makes you a pianist. Without proper knowledge and training, a carry gun is about as useful as defending yourself with a rock. We have provided a list of training resources viewable here.