• IA DNR: Less than half of projected 1st season shotgun tags sold

    December 3, 2014

    White tail

    Hunters planning to be in the timber for Saturday’s opening day of the first shotgun deer season should consider buying their license soon to avoid waiting in line at the license sales counter. Fewer than half of the expected 70,000 hunters have purchased their deer license as of Wednesday morning.

    A weekend weather forecast with temperatures favorable for hunting could lead to additional hunters choosing to go during the first shotgun season rather than second.

    “Good weather usually means more people will be hunting and staying in the field longer which can lead to higher success rates,” said Willie Suchy, wildlife research supervisor for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

    Successful hunters are reminded to report their deer harvest by midnight the day after the deer is recovered.

    For hunters with Internet access, the online harvest reporting is the easiest way to register the deer. Hunters can report their deer online at www.iowadnr.gov, by calling the toll free reporting number 1-800-771-4692, or at any license vendor.

    Accurately reporting the harvest is an important part of Iowa’s deer management program and plays a vital role in managing deer populations and future hunting opportunities. Reporting the harvest is required by law. Hunters will be checked for compliance.


    Check your shotguns before you hunt!

    Remington has just issued a recall on Model 887 shotguns manufactured between December 1st, 2013 and November 24th, 2014. We posted about the recall a couple days ago, CLICK HERE for more details.

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  • FBI Data Confirms: More Guns DO NOT Mean More Crime

    November 12, 2014


    FBI Data

    Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., and the folks at the Crime Prevention Research Center just released their latest findings that indicate an important trend. Murder rates in the United States have been falling steadily for the last several years, based on the latest numbers from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. Meantime, the number of Americans with Concealed Carry Permits, and gun purchases have risen very dramatically over the same period of time.

    Keep in mind it’s impossible to say that increased gun sales and concealed carry permits is the exact cause of this drop in crime. But we can say without a doubt that more guns being sold, and more Americans carrying concealed DOES NOT LEAD TO MORE MURDERS.

    Remember this the next time you see the “gunsense crowd” droning on about blood in the streets and how critical things are the United States. Tell them they’re much safer in the US than they were 20 years ago.

    The facts are:

    • Gun sales have been on the rise for years
    • Concealed Carry Permit holders are dramatically increasing in number
    • The number of murders have fallen dramatically (down approximately 40% since 1994)
    • The violent crime rate has been cut in half (down 49% since 1994)