• While a Jihadi Murdered Innocents in Orlando, These Kids Proved Anti-Gunners Wrong.

    June 13, 2016

    On a weekend that saw a wanna-be jihadist murder dozens of innocent Americans, peaceful, law-abiding Iowans fired tens of thousands of rounds and not a single person was hurt.

    Right now anti-gunners are screaming at congress for more gun control. They’re trying to politicize the victims of terrorism to advance their agenda. They believe guns lead to crime. Fortunately, they’re wrong, and this weekend’s events in Iowa prove it. All across the state, shooters (thousands of them under the age of 18) were out pulling the trigger at events sponsored by the Iowa Firearms Coalition. And guess what?!? No one was murdered!

    The Iowa High School State Trap Shooting Championship. The State Rimfire Championship. The Central Iowa Machine Gun Shoot – gasp! machine guns?!?. These events all went off this weekend without a hitch, but you’d never know that if you only listed to anti-gunners. They want you to believe that Americans should be forced to give up our right to own a black rifle because of the actions of a radicalized hate filled jihadist.

    Fortunately, thousands of Iowans have proved these gun control pushers wrong yet again.

    Use our email tool to email congress and the President to tell them to drop the gun control act, focus on the real culprit in Orlando, and leave our rights alone!



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