VACANT – President

This could be you!  Our former President, Kurt Liske, did a stellar job volunteering for our members and doing daily work on their behalf.  Family comes first though, so when it was time to hang up his spurs we understood and wished him the very best.  We’re looking for a president to compel the organization into the next level of advocacy.  Inquire within… 

Nathan Gibson – Vice President

Nathan joined IFC after he and his family joined the fight to decriminalize supervised youth handgun shooting.  He has risen in the ranks as a leader and committed father to many in this organization.  A proud Navy, we’re glad to have him on our team.  Nathan can be reached at ngibson@iowafc.org



Theresa Dunnington – Secretary & Gun Show Director

Theresa has been involved with IFC since 2013. She is a frequent volunteer at gun shows for the IFC table along with her husband Brian, and dogs Sig and Barrett. Theresa was a state delegate at the Iowa Republican nominating convention in Des Moines in 2016 and is dedicated to regaining and advancing 2nd Amendment freedoms for Iowans. Theresa is looking forward to helping raise IFC membership numbers in the years ahead.  Theresa can be reached at tdunnington@iowafc.org


Dillon  Daughenbaugh – Communications Director

Dillon grew up in Murray, Iowa.  Joined the Army, served with the 101st Airborne, 1 deployment to Afghanistan. Currently a firefighter in Creston, Iowa.  Finishing an IT degree at SWCC in Creston.  Dillon works executive protection (have provided security for long list of celebrities and dignitaries, to include Joni Ernst, Kirstin Gillibrand, Chris Wallace of Fox).  Married, no kids.  Member of the VFW and American Legion. A Constitution loving patriot.  Dillon can be reached at dillond@iowafc.org



Jennifer Lacek – Treasurer and Membership Director

Jennifer is a longtime supporter of the Second Amendment and is a member of both IFC and the NRA.  In high school she was a decorated Law Enforcement Explorer and volunteer member of the Kansas City Police Department.  After moving back to Iowa she managed a family business in the Sioux City area for many years and now operates her own business.  She enjoys spending time with family, working on guns and shooting prairie dogs in Wyoming with her husband and Dad.  Jennifer can be reached at jennifer@iowafc.org

Eric Hansen – Events Director

Eric can be reached at ehansen@iowafc.org

Ashley Mathews – Content Director

Ashley drives Transit buses full time while volunteering for the IFC, Iowa Right to Life, and the Story County animal shelter.  She grew up in a conservative family but without firearms. It wasn’t until in 2008 when she met her husband that she found myself around firearms for the first time. Ashley’s husband was unlike anyone she had met. He not only owned more than anyone she knew, he had them out frequently just to practice handling to be sure he knew how to use it responsibly and well. In time she found herself less nervous and more curious.  Now they go to the range several times a month and have grown their collection! “I’m proud to be apart of advocating for Second amendment rights as I understand now more than ever how important they are to our society.”  In her spare time Ashley enjoys reading, gardening, wood working and crocheting.  Ashley can be reached at ashley@iowafc.org

Dave Lincoln – Newsletter Director

Levi Larsen – IT Director

Once a marine, always a marine.  Levi has been committed to IFC on every level – working gun shows, organization events, representing IFC at NRAAM each year, and running the ‘back office’ work of the many IT burdens and hurdles.  Levi can be reached at Levi@iowafc.org