Kurt Liske – President

kurtlLeading the day-to-day operations of IFC, Kurt Liske is an avid outdoorsman, lifelong Iowa resident, and communications specialist. Kurt has several years of experience doing marketing, public relations, and media work in Eastern Iowa. As a husband and father Kurt got involved with the Iowa Firearms Coalition, because he wants to ensure his children and future generations will have the same freedoms he enjoys. In his free time (which is rare) Kurt likes to be with family, as well as fish and bowhunt.  You may contact Kurt at kliske@iowafc.org.


Nathan Gibson – Vice President

Nathan can be reached at ngibson@iowafc.org





Theresa Dunnington – Secretary

Theresa has been involved with IFC since 2013. She is a frequent volunteer at gun shows for the IFC table along with her husband Brian, and dogs Sig and Barrett. Theresa was a state delegate at the Iowa Republican nominating convention in Des Moines in 2016 and is dedicated to regaining and advancing 2nd Amendment freedoms for Iowans. Theresa is looking forward to helping raise IFC membership numbers in the years ahead.


Derek D. Drayer – Communications Director

Derek is responsible for IFC social media engagement, advocacy campaigns, media relations, and online activities. Derek resides in Cedar Rapids, where he is a firearms enthusiast and collector. Derek is a veteran of the United States Navy who served onboard the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Derek holds a master’s degree in energy business and works in the commercial power sector. He is a father of two and commits his time to the Iowa Firearms Coalition because he believes it is the responsibility of every generation to pass on the same fundamental freedoms that they inherited. You can email Derek at drayer@iowafc.org

Audra Calvin – Treasurer

Levi Larsen – Membership Director

Levi can be reached at Levi@iowafc.org





Donnie White – Gun Show Director

Donnie can be reached at dwhite@iowafc.org





Greg Cory – Competitions Director


Greg grew up and resides in rural NE Iowa, is an ardent shooter and outdoorsman, and is currently employed as an IT Manager.  He is also an NRA instructor, IDPA Safety Officer, CVPR board member, FFL holder, and the administrator of www.IAShooters.org.  Greg is a life member of the NRA, IFC, and SAF.  He is an amateur competitor in 3-Gun, IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and other Iowa matches.  Greg is a husband, father of three kids, and a believer in self-sufficient living.  When time permits he bowhunts, fishes, camps, and raises h1 poultry.  Greg started Iowa Shooters website and joined the IFC to help raise awareness of the shooting sports in Iowa.