One of the most effective ways that we have been able to meet new members of the community who support the mission of Iowa Carry is through gun shows. As we talk to people at gun shows, we find out that there are many who do not understand the situation in Iowa. People who think that just because they have a permit, they will have one forever. Or that there is no reason to apply for a permit, because the Sheriff “just won’t issue one.”

Like our County Coordinator program, our gun show program reaches out to the very heart of who is affected by the unfair practices of permit issuance in Iowa – the common citizen. It is a true grass-roots effort that goes right to the core of those that stand the most to gain – and lose – by having an unfair issuance policy.

We are always looking for members who want to spend a couple of hours talking to people about the unfair situation in Iowa. You don’t have to be a “used car salesman” to work a show. All you need to do is be able to stand, talk about the situation in Iowa, and be cheerful.

We try to have a table set up at every gun show in Iowa. We cannot do that without people willing to actually work the tables and make sure we are represented. If you want to help, or need more information, please

Express your thoughts