House Judiciary Committee

Chip Baltimore (R, District 47), Chair –
Stan Gustafson (R, District 25), Vice Chair –
Mary Lynn Wolfe (D, District 98), Ranking Member –
Marti Anderson (D, District 36) –
Terry C. Baxter (R, District 8) –
Deborah L. Berry (D, District 62) –
Darrel Branhagen (R, District 55) –
Dave Dawson (D, District 14) –
Greg Heartsill (R, District 28) –
David E. Heaton (R, District 84) –
Megan Jones (R, District 2) –
Bobby Kaufmann (R, District 73) –
Brian Meyer (D, District 33) –
Zach Nunn (R, District 30) –
Jo Oldson (D, District 41) –
Rick Olson (D, District 31) –
Kraig Paulsen (R, District 67) –
Todd Prichard (D, District 52) –
Ken Rizer (R, District 68) –
Walt Rogers (R, District 60) –
Matt W. Windschitl (R, District 17) –

House switchboard:

Emails only:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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