• School Carry Bill Clears Senate Subcommittee 3-0!

    SF-2086, The school carry bill that would finally recognize your rights to drop off your child at school while still exercising your fundamental rights is advancing to the full Senate Judiciary Committee.  A Senate Subcommittee consisting of Sen. Schultz of Schleswig, IA, Sen. Edler of State Center, and Sen. Kinney of Oxford, IA ALL voted YES to advance the bill that was initially proposed by Sen. Chelgren of Ottumwa.

    It is always good to see gun rights being recognized with bi-partisan support!






    Sen. Schulz                                          Sen. Kinney                                        Sen. Edler


  • HJR 13 RKBA Amendment Passes House Subcommittee


    House Joint Resolution 13 Iowa RKBA Amendment PASSED the House Subcommittee 2-1 on January 25th.

    Rep. Windschitl and Rep. Rizer voted yes, Rep. Bennett voted no.

    Next step will be the full House Judiciary Committee. We will keep you posted on dates.


  • Bump Stock Ban Introduced in Iowa House

    HF 2075 was introduced into the Iowa House by Rep. Anderson of Polk, Rep. Staed of Linn, Rep. Stockman of Cerro Gordo, Rep. Lensing of Johnson, Re. Meyer of Polk, Rep. Kurth of Scott, Rep. Thede, Rep. H Miller of Webster, Rep. Hunter of Polk, and Rep. Mascher of Johnson.

    This bill would make the possession of a bump stock a Class “D” Felony and punishable for up to 5 years in prison and up to a $7500 fine.

    Iowa Firearms Coalition opposes regulations on bump stocks and any other form of gun control. Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only firearm organization registered against this bill.

    Please keep emails appropriate and remember that you are an advocate of our cause. 

    The Representatives sponsoring this bill can be reached at:

    Rep. Anderson: marti.anderson@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Staed: art.staed@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Steckman: sharon.steckman@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Lensing: vicki.lensing@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Meyer: helen.miller@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Kurth: Monica.Kurth@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Thede phyllis.thede@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. H Miller: Phil.Miller@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Hunter: bruce.hunter@legis.iowa.gov

    Rep. Mascher: mary.mascher@legis.iowa.gov

  • Sen. Chelgren Introduces Bill to Recognize Second Amendment Rights On School Grounds

    Fixing the Iowa Constitution isn’t all we’ve been working on in 2018. IFC believes the right to keep and bear arms doesn’t end on school grounds. An armed permit holder should be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights when they pick up their child from school or have a valid reason to be there.

    SF 2086 was introduced today by 2A advocate Mark Chelgren that would add common sense language to Iowa law that will finally recognize this fundamental right. He has also introduced a bill to address judicial overreaching and is up for re-election this year.

    We expect more to come on this topic from the Iowa House. IFC will continue pushing hard to make Iowa law recognize this basic right.

    Only ABATE and IFC are registered FOR this bill.

    Similar bills have been seen in other states:




  • HJR 13 Iowa RKBA Amendment House Subcommittee Hearing Scheduled!

    HJR 13 RKBA Amendment has a House Subcommittee date: 12 PM Thursday, Jan. 25. Room 102, Supreme Ct. Consultation Room.

    Come out and support the biggest accomplishment of gun rights in Iowa yet!

    The subcommittee consists of Rep. Windschitl, Rep. Rizer, and Rep. Bennett.


  • Statement on Woodbury County’s Courthouse Carry Appeal


    The Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) applauds the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors’ vote to seek relief from the overreaching order from Supreme Court Chief Justice Cady that prohibits weapons in state courthouses. A request to the courts will benefit the people of Woodbury County and will bring the county government into compliance with state law.

    IFC lead the charge in 2017 to give private citizens the right sue local governments that violate Iowa’s firearms preemption law, section 724.28 of Iowa’s legal code. The Chief Justice Cady and the Iowa Supreme Court’s recent edict placed county managed courthouses statewide in violation of this code and in the process made these county governments subject to lawsuit by private citizens.

    724.28 Prohibition of regulation by political subdivisions. A political subdivision of the state shall not enact an ordinance regulating the ownership, possession, legal transfer, lawful transportation, registration, or licensing of firearms when the ownership, possession, transfer, or transportation is otherwise lawful under the laws of this state. An ordinance regulating firearms in violation of this section existing on or after April 5, 1990, is void.

    IFC commends the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors for acting in the best interest of their constituents and recognizing their rights under Iowa law and the United States Bill of Rights. The process required of Woodbury County and others is an unnecessary burden for local governments seeking to correct the wrongful mandate set by Chief Justice Cady. Now that the 2018 legislative session is underway the Iowa Firearms Coalition will be aggressively pursuing legislative means to remind the Iowa Supreme Court and Chief Justice Mark Cady that they have zero constitutional authority to enact a firearms ban in non-court areas.

    For full context regarding IFC’s stance on the Iowa Supreme Court’s judicial overreach please visit:

    The Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) is a grassroots Second Amendment advocacy group. Responsible for bringing uniformity to Iowa’s Permit to Carry process in 2010, legalizing suppressors in 2016 and passing the largest pro-Second Amendment bill in Iowa history in 2017. IFC’s members work to protect and enhance the Second Amendment rights of all Iowans. An affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the IFC actively seeks to foster and promote citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. Sign up for our email list for the latest on Second Amendment issues in Iowa. You can support our work by becoming a member or making a donation.

  • Anti-Gun Leader Makes Delusional Claim

    Does this look like the face of the middle ground in the gun debate?


    Former Moms Demand Action Chapter Leader and face of gun control in the state of Iowa, Amber Gustafson is running for elected office in 2018. She is attempting to take her anti-gun, anti-freedom platform straight to the Capitol as she challenges Jack Whitver in Iowa Senate District 19, which includes the Ankeny area.

    The opposition to the Second Amendment in Iowa has never gained any traction or had an impressive presence. However, whenever a group of a dozen or so moms tried to rally in opposition to guns, Amber was there. She also used the following words to describe her approach to dealing with gun owners:

    “Mothers are used to getting toddlers and teenagers to do things they don’t want to do,” she said

    She also said: “We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, but we will bring cookies,” as she explained her plan to have Iowans trade freedom for cookies. We think Amber Gustafson can keep her cookies and her lies. This is why we are calling her out this week for her outrageous tweet. Don’t let our friends in the Ankeny area be fooled by her delusional claims of being a moderate on gun rights. With the Second Amendment being a winning issue in Iowa, it is no wonder she is trying to distance her campaign from her radical anti-gun agenda.

    Do you want Amber to be the face of the Iowa Senate? If not, please consider supporting IFC PAC as we do our best to keep her out of the Capitol. 










  • 2018 Second Amendment Day Announced







    The Iowa Firearms Coalition would like to invite all pro-gun, freedom-minded Iowans to the Capitol for our annual Second Amendment Day. Come out, meet IFC’s lobbyists and leaders, meet your fellow Second Amendment advocates, but most importantly meet your legislators and make your voice heard in the absolute best way possible, face-to-face. In the last few years, we have been fortunate enough to watch the house debate and pass our gun bills. We can’t promise anything yet, but this day is the best way to present the unified voice of those who support gun rights in Iowa.


  • Iowa State Senator Bolkcom Proposes Gun Control

    Notoriously anti-gun Senator Joe Bolkcom proposed SF2025 this week, a measure that seeks to make it a criminal offense to possess a dangerous weapon on any property that displays a “No Weapons” sign. Under current law,“No Firearm” signs in Iowa have no force of law unless they are posted on property that is specifically mentioned in State Law as being off limits to those with a Permit/License to Carry. If you are in a place not explicitly mentioned in the law that is posted and they ask you to leave,  you must leave. Anti-gunners are trying to promote signs banning weapons as well as complicate the carrying of weapons and make criminals out of well-intended people who carry.

    Iowa Firearms Coalition will work to defeat this bill and is currently the only organization registered against this bill.

    Senator Joe Bolkcom: joe.bolkcom@legis.state.ia.us

  • 2018 Legislative Session Is Underway

    The 2018 Legislative session has been gaveled in and I want to get everyone on the same page as far as where we’re at, where we’re going this session and where we’ve come from. First off, the Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) and the state of our organization. I’m confident saying that IFC is the strongest we’ve ever been. IFC’s leadership team has grown, and our capabilities have improved as a result. Our primary focus has always been legislative work, and that will remain, but expect to see growth in other areas as well the year goes on.

    As we rack up more and more victories, IFC grows stronger. As we claw back chunks of our individual liberties, we get stronger. Whenever and wherever Iowans exercise their right to keep and bear arms and pass their love of freedom on from one generation to the next, we get stronger. Our strength comes from you, engaged Iowans willing to step up and make your voice heard in Des Moines and your community.

    IFC’s ability to harness your love of freedom is only possible because of our supporting members. More than 3 million Iowans are more free today than they were ten years ago because Iowans like you said it’s time we started putting our money where our mouth is and start supporting those fighting for us in the state capitol. That was the genesis of the Iowa Firearms Coalition and as that happened around the positive state things began to follow suit. Shall Issue. Legalized suppressors. ATV Carry. Stand Your Ground. Short Barrel Rifles. Youth Shooting. Permit Privacy. All these victories and more are directly related to the growing number of IFC members.

    In 2017 IFC made history with the passage of House File 517, a bill was effectively 20 pro-Second Amendment laws rolled into one massive victory. But that was then, and this is now. In a few days we begin our most ambitious endeavor yet: amending the Iowa’s state constitution.

    2018 (and beyond)
    After passing the most significant gun bill in the state history, plenty of people are now asking “How do you follow that up?” “What else could you possibly want?” “What now?!?” The answer is simple; there’s no shortage of work left to be done. For starters, the Iowa Supreme Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice Mark Cady, seems to think it’s OK for them to flaunt constitutional law and state law by enacting weapons bans in areas where they have zero jurisdiction. This is an issue that’s much bigger than whether or not you can carry in this place or that; it’s about the Iowa Supreme Court, their established pattern of judicial overreach and justices like Mark Cady thinking they have a right to dictate new laws rather than merely interpret the law. This constitution defying behavior affects all Iowans, but if we gun owners won’t stand fast in the face of this gross judicial overreach can we honestly expect anyone else to?

    Putting the Iowa Supreme Court in its place is a priority. Getting the state to acknowledge the fact that Iowans’ rights don’t start and stop based on their location is another priority. When we passed Shall Issue in 2010, there were 39,000 Permit to Carry holders in Iowa.. Since then we’ve seen a sevenfold increase Iowa permit holders. There are now more than 275,000 permit holders in our state going about their lives in peace every single day. There’s no reason law abiding citizens like you should instantly be turned into felons because you decided to exercise your rights in the county courthouse or at the state fairgrounds or while picking your kids up from school.

    Finally, and most critically, we have to plug the massive hole in our state constitution. Iowa is one of only six states in the country whose state constitution has no Right to Keep and Bear Arms claus. Put another way; there’s no ‘Second Amendment’ in our Iowa Constitution. This is a problem. A major problem that needs fixing as soon as possible. Without a Right to Keep and Bear Arms provision in our state constitution everything we’ve accomplished — Stand Your Ground, suppressors, SBRs, Shall Issue, etc. — could be wiped out by a runaway legislature or overzealous set of judges on our state supreme court who thinks they have the right to dictate their version of state gun law — sound familiar??? All it would take is either of these entities declaring that all previous gun laws in Iowa are void and suddenly hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Iowans become criminals. When challenged all they have to do is merely ask “Where in the state constitution does it say Iowans have any right to keep bear arms?” The sad part is, they’d be right. This God-given, natural right doesn’t exist according to state law. This must be changed.

    Yes, this scenario would be a violation of the federal Second Amendment and yes we could attempt to get this overturned by United States Supreme Court. But that process is long and fraught with legal hearings, appeals and delays and takes many years to fix. Meanwhile, law-abiding Iowans could be left to live with the unconstitutional mess created by these freedom loathing anti-gunners. So we have two choices: continue rolling the dice with our rights -OR- we bear down, amend our state constitution, enshrine our right to keep and bear arms in Iowa and in the process stop this nonsense from ever starting.

    It’s also worth noting that a Delaware gun ban in state parks was recently overturned because it violated the right to keep and bear arms provision in the state’s constitution.

    These should be reason enough to amend the state constitution, but if you need more convincing, look at the lousy company we’re in. There are only five other states without a RKBA clause in their state constitution — New York. New Jersey. California. Maryland. And Minnesota. None of these states recognize their citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. I don’t know about you, but by and large, these are not the states I like being associated with.

    How do we get there?
    Make no mistake, amending the state constitution is not an easy task. In fact, it’s the most difficult task we can take on. It isn’t a matter of just introducing a bill and getting it passed by the legislature. If everything goes smoothly the absolute soonest we can get this done is 2020. The required path to a constitutional amendment looks like this:
    2018 (Iowa’s 87th General Assembly) – Get the legislature to pass a bill with the RKBA language we want to be added to the state constitution.
    November 6th, 2018 – Elect another pro-Second Amendment majority in the Iowa House of Representatives, Senate and maintain a pro-Second Amendment governor.
    2019/2020 (Iowa’s 88th General Assembly) – Pass the same bill from 2018 during the legislature’s 88th General Assembly
    November 3rd, 2020 – Statewide vote of the people on whether or not to add the approved Right to Keep and Bear Arms language to the Iowa Constitution. Needs a simple majority to pass. Read more →