• Gun Free Zone Expansion Bill Proposed in Iowa Senate

    Iowa City Senator Joe Bolkcom has proposed SF13– a bill that would criminalize carry of a weapon, concealed or open, in a place with a conspicuously placed sign prohibiting weapons. This would create more hurdles for a person carrying a firearm and also create more gun free zones. We’ve seen the higher propensity for terrible shootings to happen in a gun free zone across the country.

    This bill is clearly an attack at gun owners, a group that Senator Bolkcom has been consistently  vocally opposed to in his time in the Iowa Legisalture. This bill appears to have been copy and pasted from SF-2025 from the previous session. The bill is identical and we expect the outcome to be identical as well.

    Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only organization registered against the bill. We will press hard to make sure terrible ideas like this never see the Senate floor. Iowa Firearms Coalition goal for 2019 is to reduce the barriers imposed on gun owners in Iowa, not add new ones. This is simply bad legislation.

    Constituents can contact Senator Bolkcom here.




  • IA Sec. of State Issues Apology to Iowa Firearms Coalition Members

    IA Sec of State Paul Pate's Apology to IFC Members

  • BREAKING: School Ground Carry Bill Introduced in Iowa

    School Ground Carry Bill Introduced &
    Advances to Committee In Same Day

    Senate Study Bill 1017, decriminalizing lawful carry on school grounds was introduced and assigned to a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee this morning.SSB1017 restores the right of a person with a valid Permit to Carry to be in possession of firearm while picking up and dropping off their children at school without having to risk committing a felony. The Iowa Firearms Coalition has been working with Iowa legislators on this subject for more than a year, including a stalled bill last session.

    Many, many of you have voiced complaints to us about the burden imposed on law-abiding citizens by the current Iowa law. The fix is within reach!

    We’re pleased to report that a short time ago SSB1017 was approved a three-person subcommittee consisting of Senators Kevin Kinney, Jason Schultz and Amy Sinclair.

    The bill now advances to the Senate Judiciary which may approve, reject or amend the bill. A schedule for this vote has not been announced at this point, but the Iowa Firearms Coalition will, of course, alert you as soon as that information is made available.

    Loving parents should never have to risk a felony for simply possessing the means to protect their most valuable assets, their children.

    There are approximately 285,000 Permit to Carry holders in Iowa. A great number of these permit holders are parents. There is no reason these peaceful, law-abiding parents should have to choose between their right to protect their loved ones or their ability to drive those loved ones to school.

    Expect the opposition to this bill to be very vocal. For that reason we need you to spread the word about this bill to your friends and family. Silent approval will not cut it, your voice and those around you will be required if we want this bill to pass.This is a vital bill that will positively impact thousands of families around the state. IFC will be providing updates about this bill and how you and your family can help push this forward.

  • Secretary of State Office Inadvertantly Kills RKBA Amendment!

    My fellow Iowans,

    I have unexpected and bad news to report.

    A short time ago, I learned that all progress to add your Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the Iowa Constitution appears to have been undone. Amending the Iowa Constitution is an extremely long and challenging task. The process to do this is laid out in Article 10 of the state constitution and among those requirements is a mandate for public notification.

    Less than 48 hours ago, I learned that last year Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office failed to uphold their duty for legal publication of our constitutional amendment. In matters such as ours, the constitution requires a public notification for a minimum of 3 months prior to the election of a new General Assembly of the Iowa legislature. This responsibility rests with the Iowa Secretary of State’s office and it is with extreme frustration that I must report this constitutionally mandated requirement was not fulfilled. Because of this failure, last year’s vote and all of our work leading up to it appear to have been undone.

    In summary:
    When you try to amend the state constitution there several requirements that must be met. Including a formal public notification. The Secretary of State’s office is responsible for this notification. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate failed to meet this requirement, and as a result, it appears that last year’s vote and all of our work has been wiped away. Because of the Secretary of State’s complete failure, we must now go back to square one of the constitutional amendment process.

    Make no mistake; there are a lot, A LOT of people in Des Moines right now who do not want to see this made public. Not right now. Not like this. But I believe firmly in transparency and honesty in leadership. There are a tremendous number of you who are reading this who’ve sacrificed your time and your money, pouring yourselves and your resources into this endeavor. We’ve worked for years to put the pieces in place to make this amendment happen. Knowing all of that has been undone due to a technicality and an elected official’s failure to act makes me sick and that is why I’ve chosen to share this information as soon as possible.

    Each of you reading this has been wronged, and you deserve to be made aware of it. Those of you who’ve contributed to our efforts deserve a public apology from the Secretary of State.

    Secretary Pate has contacted IFC leadership to offer his most sincere apologies and accept full responsibility while reiterating his support for this amendment. The Secretary of State’s office is reviewing all legal means to potentially right this ship, but options appear to be limited. IFC is conducting its independent review. IFC has made our frustration and disappointment abundantly clear to the Secretary of State’s office and requested a public apology be made to IFC members.

    To be clear, I bear some responsibility in all of this. I failed to check to see that the Secretary of State completed his legally required responsibility. This fact is particularly tough to swallow as Paul Pate has stood alongside us, speaking directly to IFC members proclaiming his support for our cause, claiming to be “right there with you making sure that your voice is heard.” With those words and actions in mind, I took for granted that the simple task of publishing our amendment would get done and failed to provide the necessary oversight. For that, I apologize.

    I believe it’s critically important that you hear this message straight from us. The Iowa Firearms Coalition proudly claims the mantle of Iowa’s leading Second Amendment advocacy group. We work extremely hard to do things the right way.

    Other groups, other gun owners talk a big game, but IFC leads (our list of pro-gun owner victories bears this out). IFC members are the first to hear this news, and by breaking this story, we’ve shown ourselves once again the leaders on all things 2A related in Iowa. Whether it’s good news and cause for celebration or bad news about a monumental setback you deserve honest and timely communication about what’s going on and that’s what we provide.

    With that established it is vital that you recognize a few critical facts as we move forward.

    One, the need for an RKBA amendment remains. This apparent setback does not change the fact that there is nothing in the Iowa Constitution saying the People of Iowa have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms in this state. IFC will fight to enshrine your rights in the state constitution in the weeks, months, and years to come, for a long as it takes, regardless of any setback or false start. What we’re trying to accomplish will have an impact on Iowans not just now but for generations to come. And it is for this reason that we must do this is the right way. We must go about our business such a manner that there cannot be a single doubt about our intentions or any reason to call into question the validity of our work.

    In addition to this massive undertaking, the Iowa Firearms Coalition will once again be pushing an aggressive agenda during the 2019 legislative session. Expect to see bills addressing the permitting process and how and where you may carry in Iowa.

    Every day, far too many Iowans – parents, workers, lawful citizens – risk felony charges merely because they crossed some imaginary line outside a school or workplace while choosing to carry protection for themselves and their loved ones legally. Expect to see these items addressed in 2019.

    And as always plan to see plenty of drama and hand-wringing from our opposition.

    In closing I’d like to reiterate, we’ve suffered what appears to be a significant setback. This undertaking and our cause in general, has always been a contentious matter. To have years of work negated by an elected official’s failure to perform his job has taken everyone by surprise. But let it be known the Iowa Firearms Coalition remains steadfast in our desire to enshrine your God-given, natural Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Iowa Constitution and we will not waiver from our goal. What should have taken four years will now take longer. As frustrating as this is we cannot, and we will not stop. Our cause is too great to give up on.

    At this point, if you’re still reading this and you’re upset and looking for something to do, this is what we need from you. Contact your legislator now and make sure they understand that Iowans want, need and deserve this RKBA Amendment. They didn’t screw this process up, but the fact of the matter is we need them to act on this matter. Please helps us drive home this fact.

    I take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do and everything we have accomplished together. Thank you all for your support and commitment to our cause, both now and in the future.

    Kurt Liske
    President, Iowa Firearms Coalition

  • House Members Propose H.R. 8, Universal Background Checks – Advocacy Campaign!

    The new Democratic majority wasted no time at all before announcing their first major gun control proposal for the new session: Universal Background Checks.

    Iowa voters just sent Cindy Axne and Abby Finkenauer to Washington D.C., and they need to hear from their constituents that we do not support radical gun-control proposals nor will we accept our representation rubber stamping bills for Nancy Pelosi and the out-of-state gun control lobby. H.R.8 is a predictably lousy bill that imposes a burden on gun owners and does nothing to make Iowans safer. Criminals have never cared about background checks nor will they be impacted by this legislation. The only way to ever enforce this ridiculous legislation would be with some repugnant firearm registration scheme.

    Click HERE to send your House Representative an email demanding they reject this gun-control proposal!

    Iowa’s legislators have been slammed with the voices of elitist donors, a biased media, out of touch celebrities and those in the resistance who scream the loudest. With this change in our representation and the gavel being handed to Nancy Pelosi, we need to step up our game and make the voices of real Iowans who aren’t willing to sacrifice liberty in the name of senseless restrictions so the gun grabbers can score a legislative victory heard. Real activism means participating in our advocacy campaigns, leaving voicemails, and attending town-halls, and more!

    Phone Numbers:
    Abby Finkenauer: 202.225.2911
    Cindy Axne: 202.225.5476
    Dave Loebsack: 202.225.6576
    Steve King: 202.225.4426

  • Why you should vote early, even if you don’t want to

    Our opposition is fired up, and their party leaders and California donors are targeting Iowa as a place to take back power. Minutes after casting a ‘NO’ vote on Judge Kavanaugh, New Jersey Senator Corey Booker got on a plane and came straight to Iowa to raise money and rally Iowa Democrats. Why Iowa? Senator Booker and the long list of coastal elitists who are making the rounds in Iowa know that our state and our pro-Second Amendment majority are vulnerable in 2018. They are rallying hard and energized to help Fred Hubbell implement the 2018 Democratic Party Platform in the next legislative session.


    We’ve spent 2018 spelling out why Fred Hubbell and the 2018 Iowa Democrat Platform are dangerous to gun owners. We’ve reported the ridiculous gun control proposals that have never made it to a committee hearing because of our current pro-Second Amendment leadership. A shift in power in Des Moines could push the platform objectives of senseless bans on semi-automatic weapons, revoking weapons permits across the state, magazine limits, firearm registration, banning private firearm transfers, gun-free zones, buybacks, and any other gun-control lobby initiative to chip away at YOUR Second-Amendment rights to becoming Iowa law!

    We can’t let this happen. Simply put, we need an amazing turnout.

    Since you’re paying attention to our alerts, you probably never miss a general election. So why vote early?

    • Every committed gun owner who casts a ballot in October can be eliminated from the list for last minute phone calls and door knocks in November when every hour is critical. 
    • Once your county auditor has processed your ballot, you should stop receiving unsolicited phone calls and knocks at the door.
    • Bad weather, work, harvest, illness, or family emergencies won’t prevent your vote from being cast.
    • No delays or standing in line
    • You can focus on getting other liberty-minded voters to the polls!

    This method also conserves volunteer resources. Contacting voters who have not returned their absentee ballots is labor-intensive, and many people are hard to reach by phone or at the door. Starting on October 8 and running through November 5, all 99 Iowa county auditors’ offices will allow early voting during regular business hours. Click here to find your county auditor information. At a county auditor’s office, early voters sign a ballot request form, then receive a ballot immediately. You will not be allowed to take the ballot home to fill out later, so make sure to research candidates for all races before going to vote. Sample ballots are available on county auditor websites so that voters can find out the options ahead of time.

    Voting early in-person increases the chance your vote will count, because as you hand your ballot over, an elections official will confirm that you sealed the secrecy envelope and signed the affidavit envelope.

    This method also conserves volunteer resources. Contacting voters who have not returned their absentee ballots is labor-intensive, and many people are hard to reach by phone or at the door.

    If you need transportation to your county auditor’s office, a ride can probably be arranged by calling your local candidate, county party, or field office.

    Satellite Voting

    Satellite voting may also be available near you on certain days over the next month. (Not every county offers this option) The process is the same as for early voting at the auditor’s office: you sign an absentee ballot request form, receive a ballot, and must fill it out and turn it in immediately. You can’t take the ballot home, so research any down-ballot races ahead of time.

    Common locations for satellite voting include public libraries, community centers, or churches. They are required to be accessible to people with disabilities. The schedule will be available on your county auditor’s website

    How To Vote By Mail

    For Iowans who prefer to vote early by mail, county auditors will process all absentee ballot requests received by 5 pm on Saturday, October 27. Forms are available on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website and on every county auditor’s website if you haven’t already received one from a campaign or a canvasser.

    You should receive your ballot within a week of sending in the form. Auditors will begin mailing absentee ballots on October 8 to most voters who already requested them. Those serving in the military or living overseas may already have received their ballots.

    Make sure you follow all instructions included with your absentee ballot. If you forget to seal the ballot inside the secrecy envelope or fail to sign the affidavit envelope that holds the secrecy envelope, or cross out or erase marks on your ballot, you will invalidate your ballot.

    If you make a mistake while filling in your absentee ballot, you can send it back to the county auditor, writing “spoiled ballot” on the return envelope, and request a replacement ballot.

    After mailing your absentee ballot, you can use this tracking feature on the secretary of state’s website to confirm it arrived at the county auditor’s office.

    Mailed absentee ballots must be postmarked by Monday, November 5. I encourage voters not to procrastinate because post offices no longer routinely postmark all mail. If your ballot arrives at the county auditor’s office after election day with no postmark proving you mailed it by November 6, your vote will not be counted. Hundreds of ballots have gone uncounted in past Iowa elections for that reason.

    One Last Thing

    Talk to your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers, etc. (you get the point!) and get them out to vote and tell them why they need to help retain our pro-Second Amendment majority in Des Moines and Washington! This will help you multiply your vote and help us move towards adding the right to keep and bear arms in the Freedom Amendment to the Iowa Constitution.

    Learn More at WWW.IFCPAC.ORG

    Like what you see? Forward this to a friend and have them sign up for our emails.
    Join Iowa’s most effective firearms organization at WWW.IOWAFC.ORG

  • 3D Guns: Gun Control Flavor of the Week

    If you’ve been watching the news or any of the firearms forums, chances are you’re seeing tons of headlines and talk about 3D guns. The issue emerged when the DOJ announced a settlement with Austin based Defense Distributed; a controversial startup has been cleared to distribute printable 3D gun blueprints online. Cody Wilson won his settlement after being shut down by the State Department five years ago for violating international export laws. The federal government now recognizes that sharing these instructions is constitutionally protected speech. This agreement is being argued by some as a pivotal moment in the gun control scheme, because relatively easy to make ghost guns challenge the effectiveness of the conventional proposals pushed by gun grabbers across the country.

    Senator Blumenthal spoke out about the horrors of the guns with some off the wall claims:


    Of course, the fact-driven gun control lobby and Senator Chuck Schumer went full semi-auto on the topic:


    Iowa’s Attorney General Tom Miller has even taken a stand against this new boogeyman of the gun grabbers and joined other states in a measure to block the deal where these became legal.

    But let’s get down to reality?

    People aren’t going to spend tons of money to develop these guns left and right. This isn’t a simple process where people dump guns out of the HP office printer. The impact of this would be absolutely minimal, but it does do a profound job demonstrating the utility of gun control.

    Are we to believe that a prohibited gun owner would never print one of these off if they had the technology? Not that a law is going stop a criminal from getting a manufactured or printed gun anyways. The easy and uncontrollable access to these 3D guns puts a dent in the idea that we can ban away guns from the criminals and only further increases the damage to individual liberties of the law-abiding.

    The plans for 3D guns are legal and always have been legal. They are also more of a First Amendment issue than it is a Second Amendment issue. This is one more attempt by the radicals who oppose gun rights to stage a fight and provoke fear. WQAD covered our response to the issue with an article and explanation video seen here. 



  • Des Moines Register Delivers Radical Anti-Gun Article… Again

    In a July 18th article from the Des Moines Register titled ‘Liability, Transparency, and Accountability Needed or Gun-Toting Iowans‘, the newspaper’s radically anti-gun editorial board kept its streak of anti-freedom advocacy alive by delivering yet another angry rant against our recent advancements in Iowa’s firearms laws. This time they took it a step further putting out a call for some pretty outlandish gun-control measures.

    The editorial board is fuming because a 27-year-old who was carrying a weapon inside the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines reached into his pocket and accidentally discharged his weapon. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office declined to file any charges against the man who injured two people with his negligence. IFC actually shared this news after it happened, reminding our thousands of followers to be responsible and properly holster their weapons when carrying.

    These events, sadly, are what gun-control advocates drool over and can’t wait to exploit to try and drive their cause. The Register didn’t pass up on the opportunity to call for some gun-control proposals in response to the event:

    “Gun owners can do whatever they want while the rest of us are supposed to hope for the best.
    In November, Iowans should support candidates who advocate the following ideas, none of which infringe on anyone’s right to own a gun.”


    Idea #1 Mandatory Liability Insurance for Gun Owners


    The Iowa Legislature should require gun owners to have liability insurance the same way drivers are required to carry auto insurance. Who is going to pay the ambulance and hospital bills for Robinson?

    Not only is this a ridiculous handout to insurance companies and an insult to law-abiding gun owners, but it is one more backdoor attempt to deter citizens from owning a gun. This would obviously hinder lower income gun owners from purchasing a gun and disproportionately impact people in higher-crime areas who want the ability to protect themselves. Like most gun-control measures, it would fail because the MS-13 gang member and the common criminal have no regard for laws, especially gun laws. And what if the gun was used in a criminal event where the insurance would be needed? Nearly all criminal actions are excluded from coverage. This is a proposal that has serious negative effects on the majority of law-abiding citizens and zero impact on criminals.


    Idea #2  Transparency in Weapons Permits

    Shocker. The Des Moines Register wants to move backward on permit privacy. Why was Permit Privacy such a big deal? Because newspapers hostile to the Second Amendment were publishing personal information of gun owners in an attempt to shame and discourage gun ownership. It’s happened across the countryAND right here in Iowa — 

    It’s no surprise that a newspaper that consistently releases extreme anti-gun editorials going back to projections of blood on the streets from May- Issue permits to dire forecasts of the Wild West with Stand Your Ground would want your information. Permit holders are verified to be law-abiding citizens who deserve privacy. It is right that we demand to not be treated like Sex-Offenders on a registry nor should we allow our personal, private information left vulnerable to the ideologues at the Des Moines Register.

  • Iowa Democratic Party Slams Gun Rights in 2018 Platform, Parkland Students Coming to Iowa, & DNR Update

    Iowa Democratic Party Approves 2018 Platform

    Fred Hubbell just officially took the reins of the Iowa Democratic Party, and we just got a first look at their official gun-control agenda for the 2018 Election. The Iowa Democratic Party leaders met in Des Moines this past weekend for their conventions to officially nominate their candidates and to finalize their party platform. We’ve been asking specific ‘Gun Sense’ candidates to clarify their gun positions in recent weeks to let voters know precisely what it is that they intend to do if they take control in Des Moines. The response? Crickets.

    Fred Hubbell’s official platform did, however, offer us some insight as to their aggressive gun control agenda with the 2018 Iowa Democratic Committee State Platform.
    The platform opens with a promising and surprising line that suggests a good defense of individual liberty is going to follow.

    “We strive to secure, defend, and preserve basic constitutional and civil rights.”

    Unfortunately for Iowans, this was just an attempt at comedic irony as they followed it up with the following list of “Gun Safety Principles.”

    We didn’t expect anything this extreme. Updating the Second Amendment to say what exactly? They officially want to go backward on carry permits, suppressors, and the failed Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. What does this look like for you?

    After you give up your rifles, your magazines, your suppressors, your carry permit, and your dignity… then you may purchase a gun that is approved by Fred Hubbell AFTER you complete the requisite amount of proficiency and safety training, provide proof of firearm insurance, pay for a super thorough new background check system, and wait for the required amount of time that Fred Hubbell deems necessary. If you wish to carry that gun, you can plead your case with your county Sheriff to demonstrate just cause so that you may actually exercise your Second Amendment rights and then should you be selected to do so (So Sorry Johnson, Polk, Scott, Linn, Black-Hawk, and a few other counties!) it is at that time you may carry your Fred Hubbell approved gun in Fred Hubbell approved places. But be careful! Take that gun into an unauthorized area or fail to report that missing gun as stolen and you will now be a criminal without the right to access a firearm and will have no rights under the redefined and newly improved Second Amendment.

    Does this sound like the Iowa you want to live in? Sounds like California to us…

    Do we think all Democrats believe this? Absolutely not. To be clear, Four Iowa Senate Democrats have been reliable pro-gun votes:

    • Sen. Chaz Allen
    • Sen. Rich Taylor
    • Sen. Tod Bowman
    • Sen. Wally Horn

    These men prove that supporting our fundamental rights doesn’t have to be a partisan issue. We know that a majority of the people in the state don’t believe this nonsense. We would even wager that the majority of the people who identify as Democrats in Iowa wouldn’t support most of this mess. So why are the leaders in the Iowa Democratic Party putting this stuff in their platform? We suggest asking the leadership why it is that they have taken such an extreme position and made it the official position of their political party.

    Parkland Students Bring ‘March For Our Lives’ to Iowa

    Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., will be in Cedar Rapids and Linn-Mar High School in Marion on Thursday for two March for Our Lives events. They also just announced an event in Sioux City to rally against Rep. Steve King.  These new gun control celebrities have been financed by Hollywood stars like George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Spielberg, and significant businesses like Lyft and Salesforce.com to take their gun control message across the country to swing districts to push an extreme agenda against people like us.

    Here is what the ‘March For Our Lives’ organization is advocating:

    • Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban
    • Private Transfer Ban
    • Federally funded gun violence research
    • High Capacity Magazine Ban
    • Safe storage requirements
    • Criminalize untimely reporting of firearm theft
    • Increased funding and size of the ATF

    Why Marion? 
    Gun-control lobbyists put extra focus on this area in the last election when they sent out flyers bashing former Rep. Ken Rizer to try and turn the election for Molly Donahue. Northern Linn County has three swing House districts that were targeted in 2016 and are again a target for every interested organization in 2018. Rep. Zumbach, Rep. Hinson, and Randy Ray are all Pro-Second Amendment candidates in that area who will need our help winning in 2018. This particular area is getting a lot of focus, and this ‘Town-Hall’ is an effort to sign people up to vote against them. Also, Linn-Mar has a student who wants to follow in the footprints of David Hogg and will be using the school to host his second gun-control event of the year. This is the same student who was called out by Iowa Congressman Rod Blum in a tweet a month ago.

    Why Sioux City?
    Rep. Steve King and the Parkland teens have sparred on social media after Rep. King criticized the Cuban jacket worn by Emma Gonzalez. The gun-control teenagers have promised to vote King out of office and are making this appearance to rally votes against him. King is being challenged by a ‘Gun-Sense’ candidate named J.D. Scholten in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.

    Many people in our organization have messaged IFC to inform us that they will attend the ‘Town-Hall.’ You can RSVP on the March For Our Lives website. We suggest selecting the box on the RSVP form that will not get you email updates from them in the future. There is no harm in filling out an RSVP to this event, even if you are uncertain if you will be able to attend. The Town-Hall is going to be held on Thursday, June 21st at 7 PM in the Linn-Mar High School Gym. As a reminder, it is a public school and security will be present with metal detectors.


    DNR Update

    Thank you to all of you who participated in our advocacy campaign to the Iowa DNR and those who showed up at the meetings to push for changes that benefit all Iowans in the state hunting regulations. This process is not yet over, in fact, we are still working on this daily by interacting with legislators and officials at the DNR and NRC to tweak the rules to the best possible result for hunters in Iowa. We are still hammering out the final details on some aspects of the rules and expect the changes to be finalized by mid-July. We will keep you posted when the final product has been reached.

  • Gun Confiscation Advocate Raising Money For Iowa Senate Candidates!

    You may have heard about Congressman Eric Swalwell in the news lately. He is a native Iowan who represents the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States Congress, and he happens to be the most aggressive gun control advocate in Washington. He’s become famous for his call to involuntarily buyback all ‘assault weapons’ and criminally prosecute those who fail to turn in their weapons. From his op-ed in USA Today:

    “we should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons.”

    Rep. Swalwell has received more attention this week after his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News advocating for a full ban and criminalization of semi-automatic weapons:

    So why does this matter?

    For the last several weeks, we’ve been trying to get former Iowa Moms Demand Action leader and Iowa Senate candidate Amber Gustafson on the record about a “full assault weapons ban” that is being championed by Iowa Gubernatorial candidate Cathy Glasson.

    Cathy Glasson is a Moms Demand Action endorsed “Gun Sense” candidate who is not shy about her desire to ban so-called “assault weapons” in Iowa. Amber Gustafson also holds the “Gun Sense” candidate badge of honor and is frequently recognized by national media as a mom running to represent Bloomberg’s gun control organization. Amber has even received hundreds of dollars directly from anti-gun leader Shannon Watts.


    Every time she’s asked about her fellow “Gun Sense Candidate” Cathy Glasson’s proposed ban all you hear from Amber is the sound of cricket’s chirping.


    Even though she doesn’t dare speak publicly about her gun banning ambitions, Amber’s more than happy to invite the original co-sponsor of the Assault Weapon Ban of 2018 to headline her campaign fundraisers. Vicky Brenner, who is running against Senator Julian Garrett to represent the Madison and Warren County area and Amber Gustafson of Ankeny both invited a bay area gun confiscation advocate to Iowa to headline their event.

    Even though Amber is too scared to talk openly and honestly about her gun control ambitions, the fact that she is using San Francisco politicians to bring California style gun control to Iowa speaks volumes about her intentions in the Iowa Senate.

    Firearms owners in Iowa CANNOT allow the head of the gun control movement in our state to gain a seat in the legislature.

    The Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only group taking it to the gun control lobby in Iowa. No one in this state is doing more to keep gun grabbers out of the legislature than IFC.

    As we roll into campaign season, we need funds to put reliable, pro-gun candidates back in office.

    Please donate to IFC-PAC and know that 100% of every single penny that you give goes to fighting the gun control lobby.

    Gun grabbers like Amber Gustafson get a significant amount of support from outside of Iowa. The out-of-state gun control lobby thinks they can overpower the freedom loving People of Iowa. That’s why it’s imperative that you help IFC-PAC mount a counter-offensive and fight back against the out of state elitists that think they can silence gun owners in Iowa!

    Like what you see? Join the only organization in Iowa that is fighting back and reporting what these gun control candidates are trying to do in Iowa!

    Please share this message and word of our coalition to liberty-minded Iowans who would oppose Rep. Swalwell’s agenda in Iowa.