• Iowa Gun-Control Bills Have A Windschitl Problem

    It’s no secret that after some hard work in the 2018 Midterms, Iowans retained a pro-Second Amendment majority in the Iowa Legislature. Today we see why that is so important. IFC confirmed with Iowa House Representative and Second Amendment champion, Matt Windschitl that the storm of gun-control bills proposed since the open of the session is as good as gone.

    The anti-gun bills are toast because all of these bills have been given subcommittee assignments with Pro-2A legislators Matt Windschitl and Jarad Klein. Both of these legislators have a consistent record and unquestioned reputation for advocating on behalf of gun owners in Iowa.

    Representative Matt Windschitl (R)

    Statement from Rep. Windschitl: “Today the House Public Safety Committee assigned all of the gun-control bills to me, so you can be assured that these bills will not be moving forward because I don’t do gun control unless it means the government has none and the law-abiding citizen has full control.”


    Representative Windschitl also informed us that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment would be moving forward shortly. This update is excellent news on both fronts. Usually, we would have to wait until the legislative funnel to confirm that anti-gun bills will not advance. We are fortunate to have the gun-control legislation assigned to two NRA and IFC endorsed representatives. Here is a list of the legislation that is no longer being considered in Iowa:

    • Universal Background Checks HF 92
    • May Issue HF 115
    • Stolen Gun Penalty HF 116
    • Firearm Violence Protective Orders HF 123
    • Magazine Ban HF 124
    • Semi-Auto Weapon Ban HF 125
    • Universal Background Checks HF 127
    • Bump Stock Ban HF 126
    • Firearm Transfer Restrictions HF 127


    The latest elections have brought legitimate legislation concerns to gun owners in several states where anti-gun legislators gained the majority. Our neighbors in Illinois and Minnesota have their rights in severe jeopardy and a handful of other states are debating terrible measures like the ones we won’t be wasting our time with in the state of Iowa.

    The Iowa Firearms Coalition is proud to stand by Rep.Windschitl and Rep. Klein as they eliminate these terrible  gun-control bills from consideration.

    Join our 100% volunteer coalition at http://membership.iowafc.org/


  • IFC Opposes “Firearms Violence Protective Orders”

    Imagine your government making you guilty until proven innocent and completely circumventing due process. It’s not just the Second Amendment you’re being deprived of with Emergency Firearm Violence Protective Orders (EFVPO), but it also completely ignores the Due Process Clause of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. It’s simple. You get accused and then if you can afford a good lawyer, then maybe you’ll get your constitutional rights restored – eventually. Maybe.

    Four Iowa House Representatives are now proposing “Firearm Violence Protective Orders” to create a process to stop a flagged individual from possessing, shipping, transporting or receiving a firearm when subject to an Emergency Firearm Violence Protective Order.

    Firearm Violence Protective Orders have three categories

    • Temporary Emergency Firearm Violence Protective Orders – A law enforcement officer can orally request approval from a judge outside of regular hours to impose a 21-day EFVPO that would prohibit the accused from possessing a firearm if that judge finds a reasonable cause to issue the order.
    • Ex-Parte Temporary Firearm Violence Protective Order –  An immediate family member or law-enforcement officer may file a petition to the court to issue an EFVPO if the accused demonstrates a substantial likelihood that he or she poses a significant danger, in the near future, of a physical injury to the accused self or others by being in possession of a firearm. This order is also valid for 21 days until a court can determine if the request should be extended for up to one year.
    • Firearm Violence Protective Order – Following the temporary EFVPO, a court will determine if the restriction on firearm possession should be extended for up to one year. What behavior would subject someone to a one-year restriction? The court will evaluate if the accused person in the last six months displayed a pattern of violent acts, reckless use or brandishing of an offensive weapon, a threat of violence, or any other evidence that is indicating an increased risk for violence.

    It’s tough to imagine a judge getting a phone call from a police officer with a request for an EFVPO and denying it. The backlash if they were wrong would be public and painful to the media, so why would they risk it? The threshold of evidence for protective orders is low so it is not tough to imagine that these would be any different.

    The problem is that this system could be or will be abused. We are essentially offering a blank check with our right to due process and to keep and bear arms in the balance.

    A false accusation, bogus charges, civil defamation, or a disingenuous smear on someone could place a person in a complex and expensive “Pre-Crime” process during which they are stripped of their basic rights. Brandishing a firearm? Could that be a picture on social media with a gun at a shooting range or a hunt? Giving our state and our notoriously anti-gun Attorney General Tom Miller, a blank check seems too dangerous.

    The history of civil forfeiture cases reminds us that the government has taken property away from people who were doing nothing wrong and who are never convicted of any crime, and they often spend years trying to get that property back with the burden of proof being on them, not on the government. And false accusations should be treated as an attempt to deny a person’s civil rights and prosecuted. (Greg Camp)

    HF-123 is another scheme from gun-control advocates that sounds good to the uninitiated or at a glance but is a threat to the essential rights of Iowans. Nobody should be barred from possessing a firearm with a process as simple as someone filing a report with the police. Due process is as valuable of a right as gun ownership and spelled out in both our state and federal constitutions. It is no coincidence that the four people who sponsored this legislation also sponsored the ban of semi-automatic weapons just a day before this bill was entered.

    What do we do now? This bill isn’t going anywhere in the Iowa House. However, should the pendulum swing and the minority party take over the House in 2020, it is game on for terrible legislation like this. Remind your legislators through email, phone, or in person that legislation like this is dangerous and not what Iowans want. Also, stay active with IFC through membership in our 100% volunteer coalition and by subscribing to our email alerts.

    IFC is registered AGAINST HF-123.

    Contact information is below for the four representatives who co-sponsored this legislation.

    Contact Info:

    Bruce Hunter – bruce.hunter@legis.state.ia.us

    Art Staed – art.staed@legis.iowa.gov

    Mary Mascher – Mary.Mascher@legis.iowa.gov

    Vicki Lensing –  Vicki.Lensing@legis.iowa.gov






  • Iowa House Democrats Propose Semi-Automatic “Assault Weapon” Ban!

    We’re not coming after your guns unless they are a semiautomatic rifle or pistol say Iowa House Democrats. Five Representatives have co-sponsored legislation that would ban the sale or transfer of semiautomatic “assault” weapons. These five legislators want anyone who transfers one of these weapons to become a felon and receive up to ten years in prison and a possible $10,000 fine with a minimum of a $1,000 fine.

    So what constitutes an assault weapon to these legislators?

    A semi-automatic rifle that is capable of accepting a detachable magazine and:

    • has a pistol grip or thumbhole stock (the vast majority of AR-15’s & AK’s)
    •  A forward grip for the non-trigger hand
    • a barrel shroud
    • a folding, telescoping, or detachable stock
    • a threaded barrel (good luck using your suppressor!)
    • A grenade launcher or rocket launcher (No chainsaw bayonets?)

    A semi-automatic pistol that can accept a detachable magazine and:

    • a second pistol grip
    • a shroud encircling the barrel
    • a threaded barrel
    • a magazine attached anywhere but the pistol grip

    A semi-automatic shotgun that has:

    • a detachable magazine
    • a pistol grip
    • a folding, telescoping, or detachable stock
    • a fixed magazine of greater than five rounds
    • a forward grip
    • a grenade or rocket launcher
    • a revolving cylinder

    This bill is an aggressive and reckless attempt to ban everything inside the gun stores. These legislators have zero regards for the Second Amendment nor the liberty of Iowans. Want to know why amending the Iowa Constitution is so important? It’s because we have people who are elected officials that are willing to make felons out of people for selling a standard AR, AK, Glock, 1911, or whatever other guns most Iowans would use to defend themselves.

    HF-125 is a hostile attack on gun owners. It’s a terrible bill for gun owners or anyone that cares about individual liberty. This language is similar to HR5087, the federal Assault Weapons Ban of 2018. This poor excuse for legislation is why elections matter. We don’t expect this extreme nonsense to hit the floor of the Iowa House because liberty-minded Iowans hold the majority and will keep this bill from committee.

    Contact information is below for the five representatives who co-sponsored this legislation.

    Contact Info:

    Bruce Hunter – bruce.hunter@legis.state.ia.us

    Art Staed – art.staed@legis.iowa.gov

    Mary Mascher – Mary.Mascher@legis.iowa.gov

    Jo Oldson – Jo.Oldson@legis.iowa.gov

    Vicki Lensing –  Vicki.Lensing@legis.iowa.gov

  • US Supreme Court takes a Second Amendment case

    This past Tuesday, January 22, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear a case out of New York, New York.  Quoting from the news article here, the case “involves restrictions on gun owners’ ability to transport their licensed firearms. Three gun owners and the firearms group are challenging a New York City law that prohibits individuals from transporting an unloaded firearm that is locked in a container to a shooting range or a second home beyond city limits.”

    The case can be tracked, and the petitions read, at SCOTUSblog here.

    This is the first case since McDonald that the Court has agreed to hear.

  • Magazine Restrictions Proposed in Iowa House

    Gun-control zealots Rep. Art Staed and Rep. Bruce Hunter have proposed legislation that would ban the sale, transfer, or possession of any magazine greater than 10 rounds. HF-65 seeks to impose up to $6250 in fines and a possible two year prison sentence for those who fail to destroy the magazines. No buybacks. No grandfather period. No respect for the rights of Iowans.

    This bill looks eerily similar to the language used in the 2013 Connecticut magazine ban and the language desired on the Giffords Gun-Control website. IFC is currently the only organization registered against this legislation. This is why elections matter.

    Rep Art. Staed’s contact page can be found HERE.

    Rep. Bruce Hunter’s contact page can be found HERE.




  • School Ground Carry Vote Results, Time for Action!

    School Ground Carry Bill advances!
    Full Senate Debate and Vote Expected

    A short time ago the Senate Judiciary Committee passed SSB1017 by an overwhelming 12 to 2 margin!

    This is a big step forward. Not only does the School Ground Carry bill now go to the full Senate for floor debate and a vote, but it is also now “funnel proof.” Meaning it cannot fall victim to a procedural method sometimes used to kill bills via “scheduling” issues.

    The Iowa Firearms Coalition thanks Senator Jason Schultz of Crawford County for authoring this valuable bill! The two votes against this bill came from Senators Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids and Janet Peterson of Des Moines.

    This bill will directly benefit tens of thousands of Iowa parents. There’s simply no reason why these loving parents and lawful citizens should have to risk becoming a felon for simply having the legal means to protect their most valuable assets — their children!

    Please help us spread the word to your co-workers, family members, and friends about the School Ground Carry Bill.

    Thank you for your ongoing support of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. Please help us continue to advance bills like this and others –  become an IFC member today!

  • School Grounds Carry Bill Scheduled for Committee Vote!

    School Grounds Carry Bill
    Scheduled for Committee Vote!

    The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to vote on Senate Study Bill 1017, the School Grounds Carry Bill, tomorrow (1/23/19) at approximately 3PM.

    Under current Iowa law parents with a valid Permit to Carry who carry while picking up or dropping off their children at Iowa schools are committing a Class D felony.

    SSB1017 would decriminalize the act of carrying while taking your son or daughter to school. Please contact the members of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and urge them to pass SSB1017 as soon as possible.

    Make sure these elected officials understand that:

    Iowa’s Permit to Carry holders are peaceful, lawful citizens who’ve passed background checks and want nothing more than to be able to protect their most valuable assets — our children! There’s no reason we should risk felony charges for protecting our families!

    The Iowa Firearms Coalition will email you the results of tomorrow’s Senate Judiciary vote. In the meantime, please make your voice heard!


    Senate Judiciary Committee Members & Contact Info
    Brad.Zaun@legis.iowa.gov, dan.dawson@legis.iowa.gov, Kevin.Kinney@legis.iowa.gov, tony.bisignano@legis.iowa.gov, jake.chapman@legis.iowa.gov, julian.garrett@legis.iowa.gov, rob.hogg@legis.iowa.gov, zach.nunn@legis.iowa.gov, janet.petersen@legis.iowa.gov, jason.schultz@legis.iowa.gov, tom.shipley@legis.iowa.gov, amy.sinclair@legis.iowa.gov, annette.sweeny@legis.iowa.gov, rich.taylor@legis.iowa.gov, zach.whiting@legis.iowa.gov


  • Bruce Hunter Goes Gun-Control Crazy

    Des Moines area House Rep. Bruce Hunter is coming in hot with four gun-control measures proposed right out the gate! Bruce Hunter’s ideas for Iowa? Repeal shall-issue and revert to may-issue carry, impose tough civil liability penalies, double ban bump stocks, and repeal Capitol Carry.

    • HF-11 – A bill for an act relating to the imposition of civil liability on parents or guardians when minors cause injury with firearms. Registered Against.
    • HF-17 – A bill for an act prohibiting the carrying, transportation, or possession of firearms in the capitol building and on capitol grounds, and making penalties applicable. Registered Against.
    • HF-31 – A bill for an act prohibiting the manufacture, possession, shipment, transportation, or receipt of a multi-burst trigger activator, and providing penalties. Registered Against.Registered Against.
    • HF-32 – A bill for an act relating to the issuance, denial, suspension, or revocation of a permit to carry weapons and a permit to acquire pistols or revolvers. Registered Against.

    These ideas are carried forward from last session and we expect that they will fail to advance. These bills have been supported by the gun-control lobby and applauded by those maintaining the assault against the rights of Iowans. This is why elections matter and we must continue to work hard so that we are not vulnerable to the nanny-state whims of people like Bruce Hunter.

    Bruce Hunter’s contact info can be found HERE. 


  • Gun Free Zone Expansion Bill Proposed in Iowa Senate

    Iowa City Senator Joe Bolkcom has proposed SF13– a bill that would criminalize carry of a weapon, concealed or open, in a place with a conspicuously placed sign prohibiting weapons. This would create more hurdles for a person carrying a firearm and also create more gun free zones. We’ve seen the higher propensity for terrible shootings to happen in a gun free zone across the country.

    This bill is clearly an attack at gun owners, a group that Senator Bolkcom has been consistently  vocally opposed to in his time in the Iowa Legisalture. This bill appears to have been copy and pasted from SF-2025 from the previous session. The bill is identical and we expect the outcome to be identical as well.

    Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only organization registered against the bill. We will press hard to make sure terrible ideas like this never see the Senate floor. Iowa Firearms Coalition goal for 2019 is to reduce the barriers imposed on gun owners in Iowa, not add new ones. This is simply bad legislation.

    Constituents can contact Senator Bolkcom here.




  • IA Sec. of State Issues Apology to Iowa Firearms Coalition Members

    IA Sec of State Paul Pate's Apology to IFC Members