Fellow gun rights enthusiasts

Click the thumbnail below, it’s one of the better infographics we’ve seen. There’s a ton of great information here, and we hope you find it useful.

We’re big fans of infographics like this, but here at Iowa Firearms Coalition we believe there’s a lot more to being good 2nd Amendment advocates than just posting memes and graphics all day. That’s why we encourage you to click around our new and improved website. Sign up for our email list, become a member, and join the fight. In just the last week our members have been busy fending off Michael Bloomberg’s paid cronies, and we’re sending a strong message to Bruce Braley that Iowans, like millions of other freedom loving Americans, oppose any new gun control measures.

Expect to see more from IFC as we move into election season, and we hope you’ll join us in the fight to protect and expand our 2nd Amendment rights!


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