Two weeks ago the North Scott Press asked readers “Do you feel safer when it’s legal for citizens to carry guns in city parks?” When their readers overwhelmingly (399 to 33) said ‘Yes, we need guns in city parks to protect ourselves,’ North Scott Press columnist Sarah Hayden took it upon herself to lash out at the polls respondents. “You can’t be serious,” she chides her readers, adding that “It’s time we protect our children, not the right to bear arms.” Hayden column uses one-sided stats and hard to follow logic, and even goes so far to say “Well, we’re no longer fighting for our freedom…” Sorry Ms. Hayden, but you’re wrong on this one. We’re still fighting, and we’re proud to see so many of your readers recognize the importance of the Second Amendment.

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Note: the North Scott Press’ website will not allow non-subscribers to read their content. Special thanks goes out to an Iowa Firearms Coalition member who sent us this picture of a print edition of Hayden’s column.