You probably could not make this up if you tried…

Davenport Iowa’s Civil Rights Commission — the group tasked with making sure residents of their city are not discriminated against have been actively trying to deny the rights of anyone entering Davenport’s City Council Chambers. 

Last night KWQC ran a story about how Davenport’s Civil Rights Commission attempted to pass a motion that would turn Davenport’s City Council Chambers into a so-called “weapons free zone.” That’s right, the Civil Rights Commission tried to unlawfully deny your 2nd Amendment right..

If that’s not ironic enough, it gets even better… and Davenport’s 2nd Ward Alderman Bill Edmond is the reason why. Edmond has been known to carry a concealed firearm. Apparently this makes Tom Hart (the chairman of the Civil Rights Commission) uncomfortable. Boo. Hoo.

“It’s intimidating to try to conduct a public meeting with two loaded guns sitting on the table.” Hart told Channel 6.

According to Alderman Edmond, Hart’s claim is overstated “I would my put briefcase on the floor in back of me. He would have had to go over and look into my briefcase to see a gun in there. Our Civil Rights Commission, ironically, they were trying to take my rights away from me. I have the civil right to carry a gun under the Second Amendment and Iowa state law.”

“We were going to pass a motion, and it would have been a unanimous decision to do so, to make it a weapon free zone.” Says Hart. Fortunately, Davenport’s legal department promptly put the Civil Right’s Commission in its place. They reminded Hart and company it’s not their job to create ordinances. Of course, there’s also that little detail in Iowa’s Constitution dealing with preemption and so-called “weapons free zones” in municipal buildings (Iowa Constitution Amendments 25 and 37).

So let’s recap… Bill Edmond, a man elected by Davenport residents, legally carries a concealed firearm into a meeting with a group of civil liberties folks whose job it is to make sure people are treated fairly. But when those people start to feel “uncomfortable” that someone is lawfully exercising their Constitutionally protected right, every single one of them tried to overstep their boundaries and create a “Weapons Free Zone” when they have no legal authority to do so.

Odds are if you’re reading this post you’re well aware that these so-called “Weapons Free Zones” are anything but weapons free. Davenport’s Civil Rights Commission doesn’t need to look very far to see that — e.g. the attempted murder of a Jackson County Assessor earlier this month (“Gun Free Zone” sticker FAILS to stop attempted bloodbath in Maquoketa). Then there’s also the unfortunate examples where so-called “Weapons Free Zones” also failed to stop  Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora’s Century Movie Theater, Virginia Tech Campus, and so on. 

The fact is, the p.c. police on Davenport’s Civil Right Commission seem to be willing to stand up for only a few of your rights. Do something they don’t care for, and they’ll try to walk all over your civil rights.