Here kitty kitty kitty…

Checkout this bobcat that stopped in a Western Iowan’s backyard. Wonder if they’ve seen any decrease in their rabbit and squirrel population lately…


Details from KCCI: Look what Iowan saw in her back yard

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa —It was quite the surprise for a Council Bluffs woman, when she looked out her patio door and saw some “movement” last Thursday.

“I turned and looked and there was this cat looking at me,” said Dianne Lowman.

KETV reports Lowman saw a bobcat and managed to snap a few pictures last Thursday of the bobcat pacing and digging in the dirt.

Galen Barrett, the chief animal control officer in Council Bluffs, says it’s definitely a bobcat.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bobcat and I really didn’t know, I knew it wasn’t a house cat because it was bigger, but it was about the size of an English setter,” said Lowman.

Lowman says she’s not concerned about the bobcat, that it’s probably been around awhile and she’s just now seeing it.