Bruce Braley, a “strong supporter” of the 2nd Amendment wants more regulation. By this point it should be old news that Braley, a trial lawyer by trade, favors more regulation. If this ticks you off as much as it ticks us off, join us in our fight to oust Braley and the rest of his anti-gun comrades on November 4th.




I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. But the Second Amendment is like the other amendments in the Bill of Rights, it’s a balance between individual liberty and the public good. And that’s why it starts out in order to have a well-regulated militia. So we want to make sure that we’re providing that proper balance. And I think that there’s a big difference between where we stand on these issues. Senator Ernst doesn’t think you should even have to go to a permit process to carry a concealed weapon and you should be able to take him to a bar or church. And I think that’s wrong.”


Special thanks to Jan Mickelson for sharing this video.