Motivated volunteers from the Iowa Firearms Coalition spent the weekend helping Iowa candidates get out the vote. Teams of volunteers door knocked in three high priority races, reminding voters who are friendly to our cause about the upcoming election. Sign up to volunteer and help us reshape the Iowa Senate.

The IFC Get Out the Vote campaign is not your typical election work. You’ll only be going to specific addresses of residents who have indicated they’re friendly to causes like ours. You don’t need to worry about door knocking on some crazy hardcore anti-gun nut’s door and getting into an argument with them. It generally goes like this:

A quick knock on the door, “Hi, my name is _____ and I’m with Iowa Firearms Coalition. We are out today asking for your support for (candidate) for (Senate or House). We need your vote to ensure protection for your firearms rights and regain them.” 

There’s no pressure, no selling, just a simple reminder. If they ask any questions, just write it down, get their contact information and tell them we’ll follow-up with them.

Chairman of the Iowa Firearms Coalition board John Reed was out volunteering this weekend and filed this report:


This is fun. This is easy. And, you can make a difference for your firearms rights and those of all Iowans! Here are the facts that you should hold on to:

As long as the Democrat Party controls the IA Senate, they will appoint Senator Robert Hogg as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee,

Every firearms bill introduced to the IA Senate is uniformly assigned to the Judiciary Committee,

Senator Hogg, in his capacity of Chairman of that Committee has sworn that NO GUN BILLS WILL PASS THROUGH HIS COMMITTEE WHILE HE IS CHAIRMAN, and

Therefore, to remove Senator Hogg’s power to quash all firearms bills, we must shift the controlling party of the Senate over to the Republicans, who will appoint someone else as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.


With only a few weeks left to go before election day, your help is critical. Please SIGN UP to help us make sure gun owners cast their votes!

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