Des Moines Register thinks firearms owners and the NRA are too powerful.

Alright, so maybe this isn’t really breaking news for most of you. By now it’s pretty well-known the Register’s editorial board opposes pretty much every effort to protect or enhance the second amendment rights of Iowans and Americans in general.

However, earlier this week the Register doubled down on their anti-gun, anti-NRA stance by shaming the U.S. Senate over their vote to confirm Vivek Murthy as the nation’s newest surgeon general. It seems confirming a pro-gun control nominee is simply not good enough for the Register’s editorial board. The fact that millions of NRA members and like-minded individuals opposed Murthy’s appointment is apparently just too much for the Register’s editorial board to handle. Never mind the fact if Harry Reid hadn’t used the nuclear option and changed the fundamental operation of the Senate Murthy would not have been confirmed. Or the fact that gun control, err, gun sense, err, common sense, err, Universal Background Check pusher (D) Joe Manchin of West Virginia also voted against Murthy’s appointment.

Speaking as Iowa’s most effective 2nd Amendment advocates, and also an NRA affiliate, we thank the Des Moines Register for acknowledging the power of millions of voices united against gun control measures and other repeated attempts further restrict our constitutionally protected freedoms. And while we may never be able to persuade the Register’s editorialists to support our cause we can point them to the truth. A majority of Americans back gun owner rights rather than gun control efforts. Gun ownership is on the rise and yet violent crime continues to fall. And more Americans than ever are realizing that their own personal safety is their responsibility. More than anything else these examples and the millions of NRA members and like-minded individuals are what makes this group so powerful.

That’s not a political statement. That’s something anyone with a little “common sense” would recognize. It’s a fact.

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