UPDATE — 11:30am — Former MCPD officer among the wounded

EerniesseWe’ve just learned that one of the officers shot in last night’s incident was a former Iowa resident and police officer in Mason City, Iowa.

KIMT is reporting that Joshua Eernisse is a former patrol officer with the Mason City Police Department.

Eerniesse and one other officer, Adam Johnson, were shot shortly after an officer swearing-in ceremony last night (01/27/15) at the New Hope, Minnesota city council meeting.

Chief Deputy Mike Carlson of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department says Eerniesse and Johnson are both in good condition and are recovering in the hospital.

The shooter was shot and killed by other officers at the city council meeting.

More details as they become available.

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An active shooting situation unfolded last night in the middle of a city council meeting in New Hope Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb. The council had just wrapped up swearing-in two new officers when an adult male started shooting at the officers.

Public access tv cameras were rolling the whole time. And as you can see there was plenty of confusion amongst the council members, but John Elder who was carrying a concealed firearm stayed calm protecting his fellow council members.

After opening fire on the police officers, the shooter was engaged by police and eventually shot and killed. Media reports indicate that at least one officer was injured during the exchange, but they are expected to survive.

There’s no word on whether or not the New Hope, Minnesota’s city council chambers are a so-called “gun free zone.” If they are, this is just one more example in a long list of cases proving that a “Gun Free Zone” sticker on a door does absolutely nothing to stop someone who’s intent on doing harm.

This incident brings up memories of a similar shooting here in Maquoketa, Iowa less than a year ago. Last September a mad man with a gun, entered the Jackson County Courthouse (a building with a very clearly labeled “gun free zone” sticker on the door) and shot at a county supervisor. Fortunately the gunman missed. After a brief struggle turned the gun on himself.

Click here for more details on last September’s shooting at the Jackson County Courthouse.

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