“Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms.”
-James Madison

Fellow Iowans-

Another week in the legislature is complete. We’re continuing to see progress on pro-gun owner rights bills but we’re starting to see anti-gun opposition taking form and lining up against our bills. We need your help to overcome these anti-gunners. More details below on how to do your part.

Week 4 recap:

As you know we’re closely tracking gun legislation in the House and Senate. Right now four IFC backed bills are making their way through the legislature, but there are a number of groups who are actively fighting against our hard work, and trying to stop these pro-freedom bills from passing. Here’s a brief recap of who’s lobbying againstfirearms bills that would protect and enhance the Second Amendment rights of Iowans.

Against HF45 – Emergency Powers (banning the confiscation of firearms during a state of emergency):

  • Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund

Against HF59 – Strengthening Preemption (adding penalties for those who try to illegally preempt state firearms law):

  • Iowa State Association of Counties
  • Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund
  • Iowa League of Cities
  • League of Women Voters of Iowa

Against HF92 – Stand Your Ground (removing the duty to retreat in areas outside of your home or place of employment):

  • Iowa Association for Justice
  • Iowa County Attorneys Association
  • Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church
  • American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa
  • Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund
  • League of Women Voters of Iowa
  • Iowa Police Chiefs Association
  • Justice Reform Consortium

Against HF99 – Repealing the Youth Shooting Ban (allowing Iowans under the age of 14 to shoot handguns with parental consent and proper supervision)

  • Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund
  • Iowa Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

What you need to know for week 5:

Our desire to protect and enhance our Second Amendment rights faces plenty of adversaries. We’ve made solid traction so far, but we’ll need some serious help from here on out if we want to see these bills, or any others signed into law.

To make it as easy as possible for you we’ve just updated our Legislative Action Centerto include a brand new ‘Advocacy Campaign.’ This is a pre-written email that goes directly to the people that are supposed to be representing your interests in the capitol.

The our latest advocacy campaign urges lawmakers to vote “Yes” on pro-gun owner bills. A wave of support from Iowa’s firearms community is needed to make sure our lawmakers know Iowan’s true feelings on Second Amendment issues.

What you can do right now:

Hit our newest legislator email, tell your lawmakers you want to see pro-gun owner bills signed into law this year. And just as importantly, get your family and friends involved. We face mounting opposition, and it’ll take continuous support from people like you if we want advance our cause in the legislature this year. Expect to see more updates as pro-gun owner bills work through the legislative session.

Fighting for your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,
Sheena Green
IFC Communications Director
NRA Member

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