Brad Zaun refuses to answer Des Moines Register questions about carrying a concealed firearm.

Brad Zaun refuses to answer Des Moines Register questions about carrying a concealed firearm.

State Senator Brad Zaun is refusing to answer questions about whether or not he carries a concealed weapon while at work in the state capitol. The Des Moines Register recently questioned him again about carrying a 9mm for personal protection.

“It’s none of your business, none of your business, no,” Zaun told William Petroski of the Des Moines Register.

Zaun then added, “I don’t think it is anybody’s business when I carry, at what times I carry, and I am not going to disclose it.”

Last year Zaun told a panel of Register writers that he sometimes carried a 9mm pistol in the capitol, and he knew of several other elected officials who did as well.

“Honestly, I have in the past. I don’t do it every day. But I will tell you that when I do public events, a lot of times I do carry,” Zaun said at the time.

Michael Marshall, Secretary of the Iowa Senate says state code prohibits the public from carrying concealed weapons in state capitol buildings. But legislators are not considered members of the public and it’s perfectly legal for them to carry concealed if they’re properly permitted.

Given incidents like the attempted murder of a Jackson County public official, or the shooting at a New Hope, Minnesota city council meeting, more and more public officials are realizing so-called “Gun Free Zones” mean nothing and won’t stop someone intent on doing harm to others. This has led to more and more legislators taking responsibility for their own personal defense, and that should be commended.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition applauds Sen. Zaun on remaining tight-lipped about whether or not he carries. Concealed means concealed, and Zaun is a trained, permitted, and responsible citizen who’s exercising his rights.

Carry on Brad!

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