Take action now! Tell the legislature to pass the Omnibus Gun Bills in their original form!

House Vote on HF527 (formerly HSB201) expected tomorrow morning

Late this afternoon we learned that tomorrow morning the House version of the Omnibus Gun Bill is scheduled for debate and a vote by the full House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives expect to begin debating and voting on a number of bills starting at around 10 a.m..

The House version of the Omnibus Gun Bill has been given a new number. Previously it was House Study Bill 201, it is now House File 527.

You can live stream the debate and vote through the Iowa Legislature’s website. There’s also an audio stream available if the video does not cooperate.

Once again we expect debate and voting to begin around 10 a.m.. There may be a few bills ahead of HF527, so don’t log off if you don’t see it right away.

Progress in the Senate

There’s also been some movement with the Senate version of the Omnibus Gun Bill. It has also been given a new number. It is now known as Senate File 425 (SF425).

SF425 has not been scheduled for debate or a vote in the full Senate yet. We’ll share that information as soon as it becomes available.

Media Coverage

There’s been a flood of media talking to IFC leadership about the Omnibus Gun Bills. In the last week we’ve literally been seen or heard in every corner of the state.

Today was no different, but we wanted to share two links because they are great examples of what these bills are all about. This morning the Gibson girls were on with WHO Radio’s Jan Mickelson talking about why Iowa needs to repeal the ban on supervised youth handgun shooting. Once again these sisters did a great job, and are able to frame this issue in a manner that no one else can.

Then over the lunch hour, IFC supporter and staunch Second Amendment advocate Representative Matt Windschitl was on Iowa Public Radio’s River to River program. He was joined by a number of gun control advocates who want to stop the Omnibus Gun Bills from reaching the governor’s desk. Representative Windschitl repeatedly took them to task, and did an outstanding job speaking on behalf of Iowa’s firearms community.

Keep Active!

In the last week our Omnibus Gun Bills have gone from complete obscurity to being one of the most talked about news items in the state. We’re generating a lot of very positive publicity and the legislature is most certainly taking note.

Please continue to contact your legislators. Particularly members of the Senate. Politely inform them we want to see the Omnibus Gun Bills (HF527 & SF425) passed without any changes to their content.

We’re rocking the boat and making waves in the legislature, keep up the great work Iowans!

Fighting for your Second Amendment Rights,
Sheena Green
IFC Communications Director
NRA Member

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