Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety falsely claim that Iowa's SF425 would arm felons and domestic abusers.

Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action are resorting to deceit and scare tactics in an attempt to derail Iowa’s pro-gun owner bill SF425.

The Bloomberg crew using scare tactics (again)

You know you’re doing good work when the opposition has to resort to deceit and “untruths” to try to take you down.

That’s exactly what we saw yesterday when an email from Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action went out claiming SF425, the Omnibus Gun Bill, would “arm felons and domestic abusers in Iowa.”

Michael Bloomberg’s out-of-state funded astroturf organizations are now officially trying to derail SF425. The sad thing is they’ve proven once again they don’t know the law, and are out of touch with real Iowans.

In Iowa it’s currently illegal to sell a firearm to a prohibited person (this includes felons and domestic abusers). Under SF425 it will still be a crime to sell a firearm to a prohibited person.

The fact is Iowa law is – and will remain – fully compliant with federal law on firearms transfers, even under the changes proposed in SF425.

If you think about it, it’s actually kind of flattering. These over zealous gun control pushers cannot make a legitimate case, so they’re forced to make up a ridiculous argument about SF425 in a sad attempt to justify their desire for more restrictions and infringements on our rights.

Contact your the Senate today – tell them to pass SF425 in its original form!

What the Omnibus Gun Bill really is

SF425, the Omnibus Gun Bill, is a carefully crafted pro-gun owner bill that has broad bi-partisan support and the backing of numerous law enforcement groups in Iowa. It represents the combined efforts of Iowa’s firearms and law enforcement communities to improve Iowa’s firearms laws.

The Omnibus Gun Bill quite literally protects and enhances the Second Amendment rights of all Iowans.

SF425 protects firearms owners in Iowa from having their private information from being broadcast for the whole world to see. It gives parents the right to raise their families as they see fit, and the freedom to teach their kids how to safely handle all firearms without the threat of becoming a criminal. It brings Iowa in line with the 39 other states that give their residents the freedom to purchase suppressors. And even increases the penalties for anyone caught making an illegal firearms purchase.

Bloomberg and his fellow big money 1 percenters are using deceit to try to control how to you and your family exercise your rights. We’re taking them head on, and we need your help.

Please spread the message and contact your Senator today. Tell them to listen to the overwhelming number of Iowans who’ve reached out to them about SF425. The House has done its job, it got the message and promptly passed the Omnibus Gun Bill. Now it’s time to bring the Senate in line. Stop the negotiations. Stop pandering to anti-gunners who’ll never vote for any pro-gun owner bill. BRING SF425 TO A VOTE!

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