Iowa Senator legislative forums for Saturday March 14th

Tell your Senators “It’s time for a vote on SF425!” Forums scheduled for this Saturday – 3/14/2015

We can’t stress enough how important it is contact your Senators about getting SF425 brought to a vote. Every weekend legislators across the state hold various town hall meetings, forums, and coffee shop stops. Below you’ll find a list of the events being held around the state tomorrow March 14th. If you can, please try to attend one of these events and say a few words about SF425.

Tell your Senators it’s time for a vote on SF425, the Omnibus Gun Bill.

SF425 protects firearms owners in Iowa from having their private information from being broadcast for the whole world to see. It gives parents the right to raise their families as they see fit, and the freedom to teach their kids how to safely handle all firearms without the threat of becoming a criminal. It brings Iowa in line with the 39 other states that give their residents the freedom to purchase suppressors. And even increases the penalties for anyone caught making an illegal firearms purchase.

It’s time for the Iowa Senate to listen to the overwhelming number of their constituents who’ve contacted them about this bill. The House got the message, and promptly passed the Omnibus Gun Bill without a word of opposition, and with broad bi-partisan support.

It’s time to take up the House language, and let’s get a vote on SF425!


Saturday – March 13th

Jeff Danielson
AEA 267, 3712 Cedar Height Drive, Cedar Falls

William Dotzler
AEA 267, 3712 Cedar Height Drive, Cedar Falls

Mike Gronstal
Wilson Middle School.
715 N 21st St, Council Bluffs

Tim Kraayenbrink
Rockwell City Library, Rockwell City Iowa
424 Main Street – Rockwell City

Tom Shipley
Creston Meal Site, Creston Iowa
116 W Adams St – Creston

David Johnson
Spencer City Council Chamber
418 W 2nd Avenue – Spencer
David Johnson
Maritime Museum
243 Broadway Street – Arnolds Park

Jerry Behn
Webster City Hall
400 2nd Street – Webster

Ken Rozenboom
Chariton Valley Planning & Development
308 North 12 Street – Centerville

Roby Smith
Saint Ambrose University – Rogalski Center
518 West Locust Street – Davenport

Tom Shipley
Corning Public Library
603 9th Street – Corning

Dennis Guth
Estherville Regional Wellness Center
415 S 18th Street – Estherville