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Omnibus Gun Bill Passes House – 75 to 24
No Vote Scheduled in the Senate Yet

Legislative Action Center updated – email your Senator: “It’s time to vote on SF425!”

Week 9 recap:

It has been another huge week in the Iowa Legislature for the Omnibus Gun Bill.

House File 527, the House version of the Omnibus Gun Bill, passed a vote in the House 75-24 without a word of opposition on the House floor. Truly a remarkable feat. More importantly though, both Republicans and Democrats in the Iowa House of Representatives flocked to the bill and voted yes. It’s great to see both sides of aisle support a solid pro-gun owner bill. We’ve posted a rundown of who voted for the bill, and who voted against it on our website.

We’re now waiting for the Senate to take up SF425, their version of the Omnibus Gun Bill, and scheduled it for a vote. We’ve activated a new advocacy campaign to help you get the message to your Senator. Tell them “It’s time for a vote on SF425!” Use the language passed by the House and schedule it for a vote before the full Senate!

With all the attention we’ve been receiving due to the overwhelming vote in the House, the anti-gun owner crowd is beginning to grasp at straws. Last week billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety & Mom’s Demand Action were forced to resort to deceit in a sad attempt to counter our progress. Over on the website we’ve got a full breakdown of the trick they’re trying to pull on unknowing Iowans.

Last week also saw the Des Moines Register, their lobbyists, and several other anti-gun owner groups continue their misrepresentation of the Omnibus Gun Bill. Every time they speak ill of us we can’t help but smile. They’re desperation shines through with every swipe the anti-gunners take. Every one of their attacks on this bill strengthens our resolve and helps us hone our message. We hope you feel the same.

What you need to know for week 10:

The focus is now is entirely on the Senate and getting a vote on SF425. This is the last hurdle before the bill is sent to Governor Branstad’s desk.

We’re pushing as hard as we can in the capitol and now is the time that we need you to really pour it on as well. We need to get it through our Senator’s heads that now is the time for a vote on SF425! Adopt the language passed by the House and schedule it for a vote!

We’ve also seen a new face in Des Moines. The nanny-state gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety has flown in their own lobbyist to try to coerce the Senate and the Senate’s leadership into blocking SF425. We’re flattered they’re calling in their hired gun, maybe this out of stater will make the Senate realize that Everytown’s #gunsense nonsense is nothing more than a bunch of bologna being spread by non-Iowan carpetbaggers.

What you can do right now:

Email your Senator! Tell them it’s high time for a vote on SF425. Our Advocacy Campaign makes it easy, it should take 60 seconds or less. Please follow it up with a polite phone call or personal note to your legislator.

We’ve provided a number of talking points on our website. Our Legislative Action Center makes it easy to find who represents you. You can also call the Iowa Senate switchboard – 515-281-3371 – and leave a message for any Senator you wish.

Finally, if you’re planning to be at the Cedar Rapids gun show next weekend please help us spread the good word about the Omnibus Gun Bill and SF425. Volunteer a couple of hours at the IFC booth and in exchange for your time we’ll make sure you get free admission. To lend a hand email:

Standby for more updates. If the Senate schedules SF425 for a vote expect it to happen with very short notice. Quick action will be required!

Fighting for your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,
Sheena Green
IFC Communications Director
NRA Member

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