Iowa Police or Mom Demand Action. Who would you think knows more about fighting crime?

When you are in danger who would you rather call? The police -OR- a mom that demands action?


Call the Senate switchboard, leave a message for your Senator. Tell them you want to see SF425 brought to a vote in its original form! The number is 515-281-3371.


What the anti-gunners are not telling you

1) This bill actually increases penalties for straw purchasers and anyone that presents false information when trying to buy a gun in Iowa. Makes it a class D felony.

2) Gives parents, instructors, and coaches the ability to teach minors proper gun safety at a young age.
-You are currently breaking the law if you take anyone under the age of 14 shooting with a handgun.
-Education is the key. You can’t legislate gun safety. It must be taught, and the younger we teach our kids the better.
-You shouldn’t be committing a criminal act while teaching your kids proper gun safety.

3) SF425 makes shooting and hunting safer in Iowa by legalizing suppressors (reduces the threat of irreparable hearing damage).
-They are NOT silencers, despite what Hollywood would have you believe
-Legal in 39 other states already, and regulated by the Federal gov’t/ATF
-No recorded evidence of a suppressor being used in a crime anywhere in the US.

4) Protects the private information of gun owners and permit to carry holders.
-Makes it illegal to share the private information of permit holders.
-This has happened before in Iowa and elsewhere. CityView newspaper (in Des Moines) has published the names of 5,000+ permit holders. Paper in New York published the names and addresses of permit holders — WITH AN INTERACTIVE MAP to their homes.
-This irresponsible behavior gives criminals a treasure map to guns. And on the flip side shows everyone who’s not armed and indefensible.


Will you stand alongside Iowa’s firearms owners and law enforcement and vote yes on SF425 in its current form?


Addressing the misinformation spread by anti-gunners

SF425 is a culmination of several groups coming together.

-Iowa Police Chiefs Association
-Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association
-Iowa Peace Officers Association
-Iowa Firearms Coalition
-Several Iowa legislators
-and more


Dear Mr./Mrs. Senator

Who do you trust more: Iowa law enforcement & hundreds of thousands of lawful Iowans -OR- out-of-state lobbyists?

Ask yourself, why would Iowa police have anything to do with a bill that would make Iowan’s less safe?

Who do your constituents expect you to trust?


Despite what the anti-gunners say about background checks, Iowa will remain in compliance with federal gun laws.

It’s illegal for anyone to sell or transfer a firearm to a prohibited person (felons/domestic abusers/etc.) – this will not change under SF425.

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