Legislative update week 4
Multiple victories!


Wow, what a week!

In the last seven days we’ve seen four pro-gun owner bills sail through committee votes with ease, the introduction of an additional pro-gun owner bill, AND our members played a vital role in saving a college shooting program.

First thing’s first, here’s a breakdown of the votes that took place Thursday:

Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act
House Judiciary Committee
Passed 17-4Hearing Protection Act
House Judiciary Committee
Passed 18-3

Emergency Protection Act

House Judiciary Committee
Passed 17-4ATV Carry Act
House Natural Resources Committee
Passed 17-1

As you can see each of these bills are collecting broad support. Opponents of these bills find themselves in an extreme minority, very encouraging!Also, last week the Privacy Protection Act was also introduced into the House. Late Thursday, the Privacy Protection Act passed a subcommittee vote 2-1, and now awaits a House Judiciary Committee vote. This bill is vital to protecting the personal information of more than a quarter million Iowans.

As each of these bills progresses through the legislature things get more difficult. This means we need each of and every one of you to help move these bills forward. This means contacting your legislators, meeting them face to face, and getting your friends and family involved.

Reminder: we’re tracking all updates on all of these bills on our 2016 Iowa Legislative Session page on our website.

Second Amendment Day
February 23rd

Join us on the 23rd for IFC’s Second Amendment Day in the Iowa Capitol. We’ll calling on all Second Amendment advocates in Iowa to gather in the capitol for a show of support for pro-gun owner legislation making their way through the capitol. We’ll be joined by representatives from the National Rifle Association and the American Suppressor Association. The day starts at 8AM, and we expect to see action in the House of Representatives as early as 10AM.

We’ve been told there’s a fairly decent chance the bills that just passed out of committee will be voted on that day. It’s not guaranteed, but it is a distinct possibility.

This means you’ll be able to join scores of other gun owners and send a strong message to the Iowa legislature. As an added bonus there’s also a good chance you’ll see pro-gun bills voted on in person.

Please join us, and bring a your friends!

Machine Gun Shoot

While you have your calendar out, mark down June 10th, 11th, and 12th. The Iowa Firearms Coalition is partnering with Jerry’s Machine Guns, Sure Shot Range, and Tactical Creations to put on a three-day machine gun shoot in Mount Auburn, Iowa.

Victory in Indianola!

Finally, we’re extremely proud to announce victory for the Simpson College Shooting Club! Gun control advocates recently set their sights on the college’s shooting club calling for the “immediate dissolution” of the club and their coach. They started a petition and collected 187 signatures. The shooting club started their own ‘save the shooting club’ petition and shared with us. In less than 3 days IFC members and supporters collected more than 2,200 signatures!

Friday the Simpson Board of Trustees met to discuss the shooting club and the anti-gunner’s demands. Not only did the board side with the shooting club, they even made plans to hire a full-time shooting coach. An overwhelming victory for the Simpson Shooting Club. The club’s advisor has asked us relay the club’s sincerest thanks for rallying around their team.

This is exactly why we fight, and do what we do. So that our fellow Iowans may continue to exercise their individual liberties and their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Well done IFC members!

More updates to come. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Iowa Firearms Coalition!


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