The Privacy Protection Act passed a House Judiciary Committee vote this afternoon 20-0-1 (20 votes for, zero votes against, and one legislator absent). This puts the Privacy Protection Act in the same position as several other pro-gun owner bills awaiting a vote before the entire Iowa House of Representatives.

If you’re wondering where these bills are at in the legislative process be sure to check out our How a bill becomes a law in Iowa page which lays out each step of the process.

Today’s bill passed with an amendment that includes three provisions:

1: Removes the “within 30 days prior to expiration” restriction on renewal of permits. Renewal applications may be made at any time prior to expiration.
2. Adds privacy protection for “victims of domestic violence” who request information on the weapons permit status of their abuser.
3. Removes the requirement to provide a reason for a request for weapons permit status.

Next vote expected on 2/23

The Privacy Protection Act expected to be taken up by the entire House of Representatives on February 23rd. Hopefully that date rings a bell for you. That’s the date of the Iowa Firearms Coalition’s 2016 Second Amendment Day in the capitol.

It’s looking more and more likely that our Second Amendment Day will coincide with votes on several pro-gun owner bills in the House of Representatives. These include the Privacy Protection Act, the Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act, the Emergency Protection Act, the ATV Carry Act, and the Hearing Protection Act. February 23rd has potential to be a very big day for our cause.

You folks do an excellent job of making your case while maintaining a respectful, and professional demeanor and it is not going unnoticed in the legislature. We look forward to seeing all of you on the 23rd.

Iowa Firearms Coalition Legislative Day 2016

Action required SOON

You may have noticed that so far this session there have been very few IFC action alerts and calls for you to get in touch with your legislators. But those days are coming. The truth is they simply haven’t been needed yet. Our bills have sailed through their House committee votes so far. But once we get to the Senate we’ll need all hands on deck.

Join us on Tuesday the 23rd and help us push these pro-gun owner bills through the House and into the Senate. This will mark the beginning of a new phase in the 2016 legislative session. One that will require routine emails, phone calls, and most importantly, face-to-face discussions with your senators.

The time for action will soon be upon us Iowans. Stand ready!

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