Gun groups doing good in the community.

A coalition of Second Amendment advocates in Iowa recently just donated more than $5,000 dollars to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. A variety of means were used to raise the donation funds. Mitchell Arms and Ammo of Muscatine, Iowa and members of the Iowa Firearm Owners Alliance and the Iowa Firearms Coalition donated cash and merchandise to a general fund. Merchandise was auctioned off or given away as door prizes to donors with all proceeds returning to the general donation fund. The fundraising efforts netted more than $3,350 dollars.

That $3,350 St. Jude donation was funneled through a WLLR Radio telethon fundraiser. The money was put up as cash match for any donations made by WLLR listeners. This more than doubled the impact of the gun owner’s donation to St. Jude. As a donor to the telethon WLLR made the Iowa Firearms Coalition, Mitchell Arms and Ammo and the Iowa Firearm Owners Alliance each “Angels of the Hour” throughout their two-day telethon. This “Angel of the Hour” status meant that WLLR listeners were enlightened with pro Second Amendment messages while listening to their favorite country music and donating to St. Jude’s. Here’s an example:

At the check presentation on Friday, February 26th the collection of gun owners were recognized during a live interview on WLLR.

Fighting for freedom. Fighting for kids.

This donation to St. Jude’s will be used  to advance cures, and prevention, for catastrophic children’s diseases.

All of the donors, organizers, and participants of this fundraiser are pro Second Amendment. It’s no secret that there’s a coordinated, nationwide effort to paint gun owners as callous, racist and selfish people who don’t care for anyone else but themselves. This movement is backed billionaire 1%’ers. But while these anti gunners go out of their way to sling mud at NRA members and anyone who believes in their God-given and constitutionally protected rights, gun owners in Iowa are selflessly donating thousands of dollars to charity and the fight to end childhood cancer.

Think about that for a second. These aren’t “gun nuts” or radicals. These are everyday Iowans, Americans, and just plain old regular citizens, all united by their love of freedom. But also united by a common commitment to their community, and a desire to make the world better in ways that don’t require the shredding of their rights. This kind of behavior is more common than many non-gun owners care to acknowledge. Contrast that with #GunSense groups like Mom’s Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, Iowans for Gun Safety and so on… When was the last time you heard of them donating to anything like St. Jude’s?

The point is simple. Don’t believe the hype and don’t believe the anti gun owner propaganda being pushed by the national media and gun control groups that feed them stories of cold, callous, selfish gun owners.

We are taking a stand for our freedoms. We’re doing good in the community. We’re not stopping.

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