Legislative update week 11

Happy Easter Iowans!

You’ve probably heard by now, but just days ago the House of Representatives approved a Senate amendment to the Hearing Protection Act. As we’ve mentioned previously this amendment was merely grammatical and the intent of HF2279 remains intact. This means the Hearing Protection Act awaiting Governor Branstad’s signature and is scheduled to be signed into law this week!

Last week the House also approved a Senate amendment to the ATV Carry Act. This bill was pared down significantly by Senate Democrats. While the Iowa Firearms Coalition opposed the Senate’s amendment from the very beginning the legislature opted to move forward on their own.

This bill is not ideal, we recognize that, but it is a significant step forward. When this bill is signed into law (and we do expect that to happen) Iowans with a Permit to Carry will finally be allowed to carry pistols and revolvers when riding ATVs, snowmobiles and other unlicensed vehicles. Is this amended bill perfect? No. But it makes things better than what they were for tens of thousands of Iowans, and that’s real, tangible progress.

For more about what the amended version of the HF2283 does and does not do, visit our page about the 2016 ATV Carry Act.

Also, don’t forget, the Privacy Protection Act, HF2314, is still in play in the Senate. This bill is arguably the most important gun owner bill that has made it through the committee process. HF2314 would serve more than a quarter million Iowans who have either a Permit to Carry or Permit to Aqcuire by making their personal information private from mass media. There is a problem though, Senate Democrats have once again attached an amendment in an effort to stymie this bill. The Senate has yet to vote on the Privacy Protection Act. If HF2314 is brough to the Senate floor for debate and a vote you can count on us to give you a heads up.

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Thank you for your support of the Iowa Firearms Coalition! More updates to come!

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