Iowa House File 2279 legalizing suppressorsIT’S OFFICIAL!


We did it! Just a short time ago Governor Terry Branstad signed the Hearing Protection Act, House File 2279, into law. Iowa now joins 41 other states whose citizens have the freedom to own suppressors. Every year elected officials in Iowa go to Des Moines for a 100 day legislative session, and every year they write more and more laws and slowly restrict your freedoms in the process. But this year we were able to repeal the ban on suppressors, claw back a little bit of liberty and restore some of your Second Amendment freedoms. We’ve been pushing for this for three years, and today we’ve done what many have told us was impossible.

Our volunteers have put in thousands of hours of work pushing to get this bill passed, but that would all be in vain if weren’t for you, our thousands of followers from all corners of the state. Your relentless barrage of emails, phone calls, social media posts and conversations are what took our work and made it impossible for lawmakers to ignore. You folks who took action when we asked for help are what secured today’s victory.

Iowa House File 2279 legalizing suppressors

No one was more frustrated than us last year when the omnibus bill failed. We know many of you have wondered what good another email is going to do, or asked what impact one more phone call will make. But guess what, this bill, the Hearing Protection Act, proves that pro-gun owner laws can be passed in Iowa with a split legislature. Your right to keep and bear arms in Iowa truly can be protected and enhanced if we, as a pro-gun owner community can come together and present our cause in an intelligent and positive manner.

Unfortunately there are some gun owners in Iowa calling the Hearing Protection Act a joke. But before you put any stock in what they have to say do some digging, and ask around about who they are and what they’ve accomplished. It won’t take long to see that they’ve never passed a single law, and they’ve had zero success moving any issue through the legislature.

Finally, know this, the Iowa Firearms Coalition is not backing down. We’re not going to go easy one on those who’ve stonewalled us in the past. And we’re not going to back away from any legislative fight. Whether it’s Stand Your Ground, Constitutional Carry, supervised youth shooting, or any other pro-gun owner issue in Iowa. We’re putting the throttle down won’t be slowing down. Join us if you haven’t already. We’re doing real work to restore the Second Amendment rights of all 3+ million Iowans, and we’d love to have on our side.

Thank you.

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