Iowa Legislative Update: Week 3

Anti-Gunners Mobilize

We’ve been telling you for years the best way to get pro-gun owner legislation passed is to get out and talk face-to-face with your legislators. Well, it seems the anti-gunners have taken our message to heart. This weekend they turned out around the state. One example: at Senator Brad Zaun’s forum on Saturday more than 300 anti-gunners filled the room and overflowed into the hallway. They berated him for almost two hours over issues like Stand Your Ground, the Constitutional Amendment and other pro-Second Amendment legislation.

They’re spreading lies like “it’ll soon be easier to get a machine gun than a pap smear in Iowa.” We gun owners know this is patently false (purchasing a machine gun requires multiple federal background checks and special taxes), but guess which message was getting through unchecked at legislator meetings throughout the state last weekend.

THIS is exactly why it is so critical that you get out and meet face-to-face with your elected officials. Right now your voice, the voice of gun owners in Iowa, isn’t being heard where it’s needed most, and if you’re not there to provide a sense of balance, some truth to these lies, don’t be surprised when pro-gun legislation starts to die.

We’ve created a list of all the of the legislative forums scheduled throughout the state for the next several months. Get them on your calendar, and get out there!

Second Amendment Day

Get your pro-Second Amendment message out your local legislative forum then do it again at the capitol with us on March 7th. We’re hosting another Second Amendment Day in the Iowa Capitol.

Cedar Rapids: No Gun Control Needed

The #GunSense crowd isn’t going to like this one. Police in Cedar Rapids are reporting a sizable drop in so-called “gun violence” and they’ve accomplished it without resorting to bans on certain types of guns, or limiting magazine capacity or any other gun control laws. Instead they decided to employ a tactic that’s been extremely successful in other parts of the country, focusing on problem areas within the community. The new community based approach is paying off with a 14% drop in shots-fired calls, and just as important, peaceful, law-abiding Cedar Rapids residents are not having their right to keep and bear arms trampled on. Kudos CRPD!

St. Jude

Finally, don’t forget, we’re rallying gun owners to help raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the fight to end childhood cancer. We have a St. Jude Donation Page set up on the website.Want to donate, but tight on cash? Why not donate a box of ammo, or a magazine or two? We’ll raffle them off and send the money to St. Judes. 100% of the proceeds will be donated St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Thank you continuing to support the Iowa Firearms Coalition!