The Iowa Senate has officially passed the largest pro-gun bill in state history. House File 517, also known as the Omnibus Gun Bill, passed the Senate by a 33-17 margin on Tuesday, April 4th. The bill had an amendment, you can read it here, which means it’ll go back to the House for a concurance vote (which we expect it to pass easily) before going to Governor Branstad’s desk.

The following Senators not only voted Yes on HF517, they also stood and testified in favor of the bill, often countering outrageous claims made by opponents of HF517. We encourage you to reach out to all the Senators who voted yes on HF517, but these seven most certainly deserve thanks.

Dan Dawson –
Jeff Edler –
Julian Garret –
Jerry Behn –
Mark Chelgren –
Brad Zaun –
Jake Chapman –


Also of note, HF517 passed with bi-partisan support. Republicans who have traditionally been strong supporters of Second Amendment rights were able pull four Democrats into the Yes column. This is significant and the Iowa Firearms Coalition commends these four for listening to the constituents and voting their district. Please take a moment to send them an email thanking them for their Yes vote on HF517.

Chaz Allen –
Tod Bowman –
Wally Horn –
Rich Taylor –

Remember, all session long legislators get bombarded with emails and phone calls from people demanding that they do this or that. Very rarely does a lawmaker ever hear the words Thank You, and when they do the remember it. It’s important that we acknowledge those who’ve helped protect and enhance our right to keep and bear arms.

Please, take a few minutes to send a brief email thanking these Senators for their support. It doesn’t have to be anything in-depth. Just tell them you’re an Iowa Firearms Coalition supporter and you appreciate their Yes vote on HF517. You’d be surprised how few people take the time to thank those who do the right thing.


These 33 Senators  voted Yes on HF517

Bill Anderson
Jerry Behn
Rick Bertrand
Michael Breitbach
Waylon Brown
Jake Chapman
Mark Chelgren
Mark Costello
Dan Dawson
Bill Dix
Jeff Edler
Randy Feenstra
Julian Garrett
Tom Greene
Dennis Guth
Craig Johnson
Tim Kapucian
Tim Kraayenbrink
Mark Lofgren
Ken Rozenboom
Charles Schneider
Jason Schultz
Mark Segebart
Tom Shipley
Amy Sinclair
Roby Smith
Jack Whitver
Brad Zaun
Dan Zumbach
Chas Allen
Tod Bowman
Wally Horn
Rich Taylor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


These 17 Senators vote No on HF517

Tony Bisignano
Joe Bolkcom
Nate Boulton
Jeff Danielson
Bill Dotzler
Robery Dvorsky
Rita Hart
Rob Hogg
Pam Jochum
David Johnson
Kevin Kinney
Jim Lykam
Liz Mathis
Matt McCoy
Janet Peterson
Herman Quirmbach
Amanda Ragan