The voice of gun owners has yet again fallen on deaf ears at the Des Moines Register. The same people who have bashed every gun bill year after year have now taken aim at national carry reciprocity.

The people:


The DMR editorial board:

The Des Moines Register has attacked every pro-gun bill in Iowa for the last five years and always adds a dire prediction of blood in the street. The editorial board and radical frequent posters are consistently pressing an extreme anti-gun agenda that doesn’t match what Iowans want. On the same day of the editorial board’s release, the Des Moines Register also released a new poll showing that Iowans still overwhelmingly reject gun control. The biased media, celebrities, late night hosts, and others are still waging a losing battle. Share this information with a fellow gun-owner and stay tuned to IFC for the upcoming fight for a constitutional right to keep and bear arms amendment.