High school students around the country are gathering in protest right now to promote gun control on the nineteenth anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School. No protest in Iowa is more alarming than the political propaganda being passed off as Journalism at City High in Iowa City. 
While the curriculum taught likely doesn’t cover this weeks anniversary of the shot heard around the world when the British attempted to seize arms from Massachusetts Patriots, it will include creating and distributing gun-control propaganda in at least one public school in Iowa. 

Consistently anti-gun messaging from Hollywood, the media, social media bubbles, political opportunists and more are now being further indoctrinated into our children’s education at public schools in Iowa. 

We’ve heard from many concerned parents and teachers this week in Urbandale, Des Moines, and others. However, none were as alarming (or angry!) as our community member from Iowa City sharing a twisted publication from the local high school. City High School in Iowa City has now directed students to create a bizarre and incredibly radical look at gun control that includes projecting targets on a black student and linking gun violence to “toxic masculinity.” 

The article states its goal from Page 1: 
“Inaction on this issue should be as damning as the most pro-gun position because silence is complicity.”

Not only has the staff at City High School painfully isolated students and faculty who do value their freedoms in the Bill of Rights, but they are using our public resources to create a document so extreme that it makes MSNBC look Second-Amendment friendly.

The City High School indoctrination starts with a plea from the students demanding action for gun-control control, stating that yelling at Senator Grassley isn’t enough and cites the terror and pain felt as students as the reason to entirely bypass objectivity. 

The propaganda piece then turns to a bizarre and confusing “Letter to a Young Black Boy” that is illustrated by a target being projected on a black student.


The tabloid then moves on to people sharing positive experiences at gun control marches and dives into stating its case for an all-out assault weapons ban. Japan, Canada, and India are cited as countries where the gun laws work in a heavily flawed and emotional piece that even takes jabs at Republicans for their response to the efforts of the gun control advocates from Marjory Stoneman High School. 

The school paper then gets into an even more radical presentation of “The Australian Solution” where the case for Aussie style “buybacks” and elimination of the Second Amendment are presented to save “hundreds of thousands of lives.”
Next, we go off the deep end with a piece tying guns and “toxic masculinity” to gun violence. “Masculine culture is also deeply rooted in the idea of guns and gun ownership”  which makes sense to this author because “There has to be a way our society can create a safer way for boys to understand they don’t have to turn to violence and murder to validate their own masculinity.” 

Again, this is what kids are doing in PUBLIC schools in IOWA. 

The tabloid finishes with a final assault on the arch-enemy of gun control, the National Rifle Association. A stab at politicians taking money from the NRA (but not Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Giffords Law Center, or others) and yet another ignorant case that the NRA is the only obstacle to repealing your fundamental and individual rights…

The Little Hawk managed to blame gun owners, the NRA, pro-gun politicians, patriarchy, masculinity, and everyone else except the shooters…

We want to encourage our members to stand up against this abuse of young minds with their hate-mongering publication. If you value your Second Amendment rights, you can no longer sit idle, because it cannot get any clearer that there are no lows to which the ‘March for Our Lives’ faction will not stoop. 
If you are in the City High area, let the Principal of City High, John Bacon know how you feel about allowing his staff to drive this pathetic propaganda out of a student newspaper. He can be reached at 319-688-1040 or bacon-john@iccsd.k12.ia.us

This embarrassment is what is going on in Iowa public schools at the same time IFC is fighting for a Freedom Amendment to keep Iowans protected from attacks on our fundamental liberties. If you think we don’t need our rights protected by our constitution, review this magazine produced in the public school echo chamber, and think again!

Talk to your kids – Ask them if they understand what these walkouts are geared towards. Explain to them what the goals of their organizers are and what this would do to our liberties. Encourage them to think about their friends and family members who are gun owners and how different these people are from the mass murderers continually propped up and elevated by the media. Ask them, “Why should we be punished and be forced to give up our freedoms because of the deranged act of a lunatic?” Inform them it’s wrong for teachers and school staff to advocate for one side or another. Schools, particularly public schools are supposed to be places of critical learning, not indoctrination centers for the progressive ideologues. 

This is the environment we are working in. 

  • Please talk to your children. 
  • Please challenge your local schools to not go down the path of City High in Iowa City.
  • Please consider supporting our PAC and our Coalition.

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