Our opposition is fired up, and their party leaders and California donors are targeting Iowa as a place to take back power. Minutes after casting a ‘NO’ vote on Judge Kavanaugh, New Jersey Senator Corey Booker got on a plane and came straight to Iowa to raise money and rally Iowa Democrats. Why Iowa? Senator Booker and the long list of coastal elitists who are making the rounds in Iowa know that our state and our pro-Second Amendment majority are vulnerable in 2018. They are rallying hard and energized to help Fred Hubbell implement the 2018 Democratic Party Platform in the next legislative session.


We’ve spent 2018 spelling out why Fred Hubbell and the 2018 Iowa Democrat Platform are dangerous to gun owners. We’ve reported the ridiculous gun control proposals that have never made it to a committee hearing because of our current pro-Second Amendment leadership. A shift in power in Des Moines could push the platform objectives of senseless bans on semi-automatic weapons, revoking weapons permits across the state, magazine limits, firearm registration, banning private firearm transfers, gun-free zones, buybacks, and any other gun-control lobby initiative to chip away at YOUR Second-Amendment rights to becoming Iowa law!

We can’t let this happen. Simply put, we need an amazing turnout.

Since you’re paying attention to our alerts, you probably never miss a general election. So why vote early?

  • Every committed gun owner who casts a ballot in October can be eliminated from the list for last minute phone calls and door knocks in November when every hour is critical. 
  • Once your county auditor has processed your ballot, you should stop receiving unsolicited phone calls and knocks at the door.
  • Bad weather, work, harvest, illness, or family emergencies won’t prevent your vote from being cast.
  • No delays or standing in line
  • You can focus on getting other liberty-minded voters to the polls!

This method also conserves volunteer resources. Contacting voters who have not returned their absentee ballots is labor-intensive, and many people are hard to reach by phone or at the door. Starting on October 8 and running through November 5, all 99 Iowa county auditors’ offices will allow early voting during regular business hours. Click here to find your county auditor information. At a county auditor’s office, early voters sign a ballot request form, then receive a ballot immediately. You will not be allowed to take the ballot home to fill out later, so make sure to research candidates for all races before going to vote. Sample ballots are available on county auditor websites so that voters can find out the options ahead of time.

Voting early in-person increases the chance your vote will count, because as you hand your ballot over, an elections official will confirm that you sealed the secrecy envelope and signed the affidavit envelope.

This method also conserves volunteer resources. Contacting voters who have not returned their absentee ballots is labor-intensive, and many people are hard to reach by phone or at the door.

If you need transportation to your county auditor’s office, a ride can probably be arranged by calling your local candidate, county party, or field office.

Satellite Voting

Satellite voting may also be available near you on certain days over the next month. (Not every county offers this option) The process is the same as for early voting at the auditor’s office: you sign an absentee ballot request form, receive a ballot, and must fill it out and turn it in immediately. You can’t take the ballot home, so research any down-ballot races ahead of time.

Common locations for satellite voting include public libraries, community centers, or churches. They are required to be accessible to people with disabilities. The schedule will be available on your county auditor’s website

How To Vote By Mail

For Iowans who prefer to vote early by mail, county auditors will process all absentee ballot requests received by 5 pm on Saturday, October 27. Forms are available on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website and on every county auditor’s website if you haven’t already received one from a campaign or a canvasser.

You should receive your ballot within a week of sending in the form. Auditors will begin mailing absentee ballots on October 8 to most voters who already requested them. Those serving in the military or living overseas may already have received their ballots.

Make sure you follow all instructions included with your absentee ballot. If you forget to seal the ballot inside the secrecy envelope or fail to sign the affidavit envelope that holds the secrecy envelope, or cross out or erase marks on your ballot, you will invalidate your ballot.

If you make a mistake while filling in your absentee ballot, you can send it back to the county auditor, writing “spoiled ballot” on the return envelope, and request a replacement ballot.

After mailing your absentee ballot, you can use this tracking feature on the secretary of state’s website to confirm it arrived at the county auditor’s office.

Mailed absentee ballots must be postmarked by Monday, November 5. I encourage voters not to procrastinate because post offices no longer routinely postmark all mail. If your ballot arrives at the county auditor’s office after election day with no postmark proving you mailed it by November 6, your vote will not be counted. Hundreds of ballots have gone uncounted in past Iowa elections for that reason.

One Last Thing

Talk to your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers, etc. (you get the point!) and get them out to vote and tell them why they need to help retain our pro-Second Amendment majority in Des Moines and Washington! This will help you multiply your vote and help us move towards adding the right to keep and bear arms in the Freedom Amendment to the Iowa Constitution.

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