School Ground Carry Bill Introduced &
Advances to Committee In Same Day

Senate Study Bill 1017, decriminalizing lawful carry on school grounds was introduced and assigned to a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee this morning.SSB1017 restores the right of a person with a valid Permit to Carry to be in possession of firearm while picking up and dropping off their children at school without having to risk committing a felony. The Iowa Firearms Coalition has been working with Iowa legislators on this subject for more than a year, including a stalled bill last session.

Many, many of you have voiced complaints to us about the burden imposed on law-abiding citizens by the current Iowa law. The fix is within reach!

We’re pleased to report that a short time ago SSB1017 was approved a three-person subcommittee consisting of Senators Kevin Kinney, Jason Schultz and Amy Sinclair.

The bill now advances to the Senate Judiciary which may approve, reject or amend the bill. A schedule for this vote has not been announced at this point, but the Iowa Firearms Coalition will, of course, alert you as soon as that information is made available.

Loving parents should never have to risk a felony for simply possessing the means to protect their most valuable assets, their children.

There are approximately 285,000 Permit to Carry holders in Iowa. A great number of these permit holders are parents. There is no reason these peaceful, law-abiding parents should have to choose between their right to protect their loved ones or their ability to drive those loved ones to school.

Expect the opposition to this bill to be very vocal. For that reason we need you to spread the word about this bill to your friends and family. Silent approval will not cut it, your voice and those around you will be required if we want this bill to pass.This is a vital bill that will positively impact thousands of families around the state. IFC will be providing updates about this bill and how you and your family can help push this forward.