The legislative session is underway.  I wish the continual work we accomplish together with so many could be adequately conveyed out to you all.  I sometimes marvel at the volume of work we burn through year after year.  As Iowans, you enjoy the nation’s best Shall Issue system, Mourning Dove Hunting, the NICS Improvement Act, the Hearing Protection Act, Firearm Preemption, Stand Your Ground, Emergency Powers, Supervised Youth Instruction, among countless others.  These are but a handful of highlights over the last 10 years.

However, the pathology of the liberty-hating progressives employs no boundaries.  The mile-long list of bills that have been defeated over the last decade in this state would make a billy goat puke.  Yes, I inject humor when I can.  I have to.  If I didn’t, I’d droop my head and weep.  The plans our would-be oppressors have for us can scarcely be imagined by those with the full complement of reason.  Those who believe you guilty first, and possibly innocent later, will be back with “Red Flag Laws” or “ERPOs” (extreme risk protective orders).  Your abuse within a system that removes rights without due process is their goal.  They’ll make it sound “reasonable” but it won’t be.  I spoke with a young mother about these orders a few weeks ago.  “What good will another piece of paper do me?  It sure won’t stop my ex from violating the no-contact order I already have!” was her response.  Even as a victim, she was honest and clear about the silliness of an ERPO, as it offers no real protection over the orders already in the justice system.  In order to satisfy the elitist progs, maybe we could just lock up people we don’t like?  I thought I read we weren’t supposed to do that somewhere.  It was 5th on some list I stumbled across the other day.

Cultural problems aren’t solved with meritless paper my friends.  The progs love to tell you the problem will be cured with more words on more pieces of paper.  You and I live in the real world however.  We will always pay the price for their crazed view of reality.

Additionally, too many tend to lean back in their chairs and utter things like, “That’ll never happen here…”  Ask your fellow countrymen in Virginia how that posture will work for them should they embrace it?  They need our help and our attention.  If you enjoy your Second Amendment virtues and you strive to protect the lives of innocent people at every turn, you are duty bound to be engaged in this battle.  When Bloomberg funds our opponents to the tune of nearly a quarter Billion dollars, how are we to combat this?

Our defense depends on your energy for this fight.  We must be members unified in an effort to stop this aggression.  We must be committed to the ideals in which this country was founded.  This disease has toppled the coasts, and is infecting our friends and family in Virginia as we speak.  Do you believe we’ll continually be spared here in Iowa?

As the two tallest guys in the Capitol building today, Richard Rogers (IFC Board Member and Lobbyist) and Scott Jones (NRA-ILA Iowa State Director and Lobbyist) are representing Iowans well, but two kind and decent gentlemen don’t put us over the top – all of us together do.  Become part of something your children will not only appreciate, but thank you for.

Don’t forget the big 2nd Amendment Day the Iowa Capitol this year.  We need you there.  The date will be announced very soon.  Watch your email for updates as the session moves forward.  We have bills we’re working through currently, and more on the way.  Help us help you.  

Thank you all,

Michael Ware – IFC Board Chairman