One of the things you figure out pretty quickly as a combat pilot is the need to know the tracer burn out distance of your enemy’s weapons. It’s important because you can figure out how big a calibre of a weapon is shooting at you by how high an altitude the tracer burns out at. For example, the good old AK47 has a tracer burn out of about 800 meters, but the ZSU-23, shooting a 23mm round burns out at about 2,000 meters.

I’m not sure anyone makes a tracer round for the 22 Short, but if they did, physics tells us it would burn out in about fifty feet. Totally worthless just like the scam group of charlatans that claims to be a no-compromise Iowa (and several other states) gun-rights group. The group that has never actually had a hand in passing any legislation, yet has excelled at lining it’s founders pockets with donors cash, most recently by attacking real champions of our Second Amendment rights like Senators Jack Whitver and Representative Matt Windschilt. Both of those Patriots are once again being besmirched.

Let’s recall what the laws were like in Iowa just ten years ago:

-Sheriffs had absolute discretion to deny or restrict Permits to Carry Weapons for law-abiding Iowans. Prior to 2010, there were typically only about 30,000 Iowans holding PCWs. Iowa honored no other states permits and few honored ours.

-It was a crime to allow even your own child or grandchild to touch – much less fire – a handgun. If you did it twice, it was a FELONY.

-Permit applications were open public records, subject to publication by any “news” media.

-Firearm sound suppressors, short barreled rifles and shotguns were illegal in Iowa, though permitted under federal law.

-Even if an Iowan held a Permit to Carry (valid in an automobile, on a motorcycle, tractor, bicycle, etc.), it was a crime to carry a defensive handgun on an ATV, UTV, or snowmobile.

Etc. etc., etc…

Then compare that list to today’s laws, Iowa now has ten times the number of permit holders, we can teach our children how to shoot handguns, Iowa Offensive Firearms statues have been mostly brought into alignment with Federal Law, and we can now carry a loaded weapon in any vehicle.

Not to mention that today, you can stand your ground if you are somewhere lawfully and are feloniously attacked, as opposed to being legally required to retreat!

Does anyone really think those laws happened in a vacuum and while that Windschitl, Whitver, et al were working AGAINST Second Amendment causes?

Did you know that those carping purists, better known as fundraising scammers, that continue to attack Second Amendment heroes, actually opposed many of the bills that made these remarkable changes to the law? Yet that doesn’t stop them from claiming credit for the work of IFC!

We still look forward to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signing HF 2502. AND the only way the freedom amendment to the Iowa Constitution has a shot at becoming a reality is to maintain our Second Amendment friendly majorities in the November election.

Stand up with all of us here at IFC, let’s ensure we support our friends and vote out the enemies of freedom this fall.

Shoot Straight, speak the truth, and never surrender our liberties.

Dave Funk, President, IFC