As an advocacy group with a great track record of achieving change in law and policy, we can tell you that success comes only with tremendous effort and diligence. While we may have disagreed with and chaffed under the many laws we have sought to change, we obeyed them all and expected our members, allies and others to adhere to them as well.

For anyone wishing to make a change to a law, a policy, or even a monument, there are lawful and proper means available to all. Might doesn’t make right. No individual, nor any mob, can be allowed to force their will upon others through violence or the threat of violence.

Iowa Firearms Coalition restricts our advocacy to a narrow range of issues – Second Amendment rights, matters of self-defense and use of force, hunting regulations, and the like. We do not take positions on political or cultural issues outside these areas and we are not doing so now. But we believe strongly in maximizing individual liberty within a framework of representative and constitutionally limited government. Because we value the rights of the minority so highly (an individual, after all, may sometimes be a minority of one), we insist upon respect for and adherence to the rule of law. The mob, even if it consists of a majority, must never be allowed to trample the rights of others. History shows that path too often leads from rejecting traditions, to tearing down icons, to subjugation, suffering, and even mass murder. That must never be allowed to happen in America. As America celebrates her 244th birthday, IFC will fight to see that it does not.

In Liberty,

Dave Funk – President
Michael Ware – Board Chairman