Members, Family, and Friends,

This election cycle has been a tough one.  We’ve had a rough year in general.  A virus has disrupted our very lives on an extremely personal level.  Most everyone I know has been placed well outside their comfort zones and in some cases worse.  Yet, we persist.  We’re diligent and committed.  This is the undeniable truth I’ve come to admire and enjoy with the IFC membership and followers.

Thank you all for your unwavering vow in the name of the true Constitutional Republic these States United enjoys.  Offering gratitude for your engagement, your donations, and your voting is the least I can do.

Especially, I want to take this opportunity to honor our volunteer force within IFC.  This crew put in serious work, none of which was confined to banker’s hours or portions of the week ‘off limits’ to interruption.  Countless meetings, conference calls, video chats, and virtual gatherings, both scheduled and on the fly, were necessary to erect IFC’s strategy.  Our tactics in deploying the electioneering ads, videos, graphics, virtual town halls, text banks, gun shows, public functions, radio appearances, podcasts, and general information across a myriad of social media platforms separated the wheat from the chaff for Iowans.  I’m proud to be counted among these fine men and women, for their altruistic character and performance illuminate the fact that our work is unceasingly for the benefit of others and not ourselves.  Thank you all.

Through the ugliness that became this election cycle, IFC offered you quantifiable truth.  This has been our commitment to you, and the truth will remain as IFC’s heart and soul.

As we’ve seen in recent months, the passions of some override common sense.  Please remain cautious with a laser-like focus on your situational awareness.  It would be wise to consider avoiding the devolving social media arguments that inevitably follow an election.  It is my personal wish that you become a catalyst towards building up communities, families, and faith throughout this great state.  If you want a way to engage personally with ideas like this, contact IFC to volunteer, and we’ll plug you in.

Again, my sincere thanks to you all for your continued commitment to the preservation and advancement of our core civil liberty known as the Second Amendment.

In Freedom,

Michael Ware
IFC Chairman