Iowa DNR is falsely claiming the authority to override Iowa Law and usher in sweeping changes to approved hunting cartridges.

To make matters worse, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources sent the 2021/22 rule changes out, just four days before the current season, subsequently confusing the public, on the seasons and the subject matter.

IFC hasn’t ascertained if this email was simply a horrible mistake, or a botched attempt at subverting the Legislature.  We’re working with both the DNR and the Legislature to gain clarity and perspective.

The intent and spirit of the law is clear on this matter, but we need your help. We encourage you to contact the Iowa DNR, which solicits sportsmen feedback ahead of a proposed rule change.

IFC is strongly opposed to this change and we are asking you to take a quick 2 minutes to provide your feedback directly to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Please click below to send your feedback directly to the Iowa Department of natural resources.

It’s important that your voice is heard!



The body of their email from Dec. 1:

DNR seeking comments on proposed laws ahead of the 2021/22 deer hunting season

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Hunting News

Dec. 1, 2020
For Immediate Release

DNR seeking comments on proposed laws ahead of the 2021/22 deer hunting season

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is asking for public input on two laws passed and signed during the 2020 legislative session.

The first is from House File 716 that directs the DNR to develop a list of cartridges approved for use in rifles to hunt deer in Iowa.  The following list of cartridges is proposed for inclusion:

.350 Legend

.429 DE

.35 Remington

.44 Wildey Mag

.356 TSW

.44 Remington Magnum

.357 Sig

.44 Automag

9×25 Dillion

.445 Super Mag

9×23 Winchester

.45 Super

.357 Magnum

.45 Wildey Mag

.357 Maximum

.450 Bushmaster

.357 SuperMag

.45 Winchester Magnum

.357 Wildey Mag

.451 Detonics

.357/44 Bain & Davis

.454 Casull

.375 Winchester

.45 Silhouette

.38-55 Winchester

.458 Socom

10 mm Auto

.460 Rowland

.40 Super

.475 Wildey Magnum

.401 Powermag

.475 Linebaugh

.400 Cor-Bon

.480 Ruger

.38-40 Winchester

.50 GI

.41 Remington Magnum

.50 Action Express

.41 Wildey Mag

.50 Beowulf

.414 SuperMag

.500 JRH

.44-40 Winchester

.500 Special

.440 Cor-Bon

.500 Wyoming Express

Allowable cartridges for use in handguns that were considered for use in rifles but deemed ballistically dissimilar from allowable pistol or revolver cartridges include (these cartridges are NOT proposed for inclusion to the list of allowable rifles to hunt deer in Iowa):

.35 Whelen

.356 Winchester

.358 Winchester

.444 Marlin

.45 Raptor

.45-70 Govt.

.460 S&W Mag

.500 S&W Mag

Hunters interested in additions or subtractions are asked to send their request along with a brief justification to by Dec. 14, 2020.

The second is House File 2455 that requires hunters and dogs to be trained prior to tracking wounded deer.

In order to satisfy this requirement, the DNR proposes to provide a form to document the hunter and the dog’s blood tracking training and experience. This form would be kept on file for three years and the hunter and dog(s) would be eligible to track wounded deer during that period.

Hunters receiving trespassing or other violations in the act of tracking wounded deer will be deemed “not trained” until a formal blood tracking certification is obtained.

Hunters interested in commenting on this proposed approach are asked to send their ideas to by Dec. 14, 2020.