I have to be honest with you.  After being a small part of Second Amendment Advocacy here in Iowa for so many years, you get used to who can be expected to reach out to you on certain bills and considerations.  Most for, and occasionally some against.  But…  The last few days have been very different.  We’re hearing from all kinds of people we never ordinarily hear from.  All kinds of people are contacting IFC to let us know how pleased and excited they are for the chance to vote in a desperately needed protection to a core civil liberty.  I’m even having friends and neighbors who’ve never given me any signal this was on their radar all kinds of encouraging messages or calls.

From all of us at IFC, thank you.  It takes a ton of work from a volunteer force to accomplish this level of advocacy performance.  Our volunteers work their tales off and it means a lot when you all give them a pat on the back.  The legislators we work with and elected officials are a vital tooth in the gear works, but the foundation for our work is the membership that drives our volunteers.  Again, thank you.

Here are a handful of just the email responses we’ve seen:

From John C:

Thank you IFC for helping this through the process. Our dues are well spent and your work is much appreciated!

From John P:

Wow! That is amazing, thank you so much!

From Clel B:

YEPPIE!  Great job!

From Katie H:

This is fantastic news!  See you at 2A Day in February!  -Katie H

From Dave C:

Good job!

From Michael S:


From Michael O:

You guys rock!  THANK YOU.

From Ryan B:

Yes!  Great Job!

From Lyle G:

Congratulations.  Great work on our behalf.

From Dale R:

Fantastic job, thank you so much!

From Ted H:

Thanks for your work!

From Gary D:

Thank you!

From Tim K:

Thank you!

From Alex S:

Thank you!

Mike C:

Thank you!!! So glad to have you on our side!

From Alan W:

Nice work!

From Patrick G:


From Randy N:

Great news!

From Tom C:

Thank you.

From Joe T:

Great job IFC.  Glad to have been part of this!

From Andrew S:

Great work!  Thank you!

From Mark B:

Thank you!  Great job.

From Terri N:

Thank you for everything you all have done to get this done!

From Steve B:

Thank you.

From Aaron H:

This is awesome!  Nice to see something heading towards freedom and not the usual liberal freedom erosion! Vote yes!

From Renita S:


From Kal S:

Thank you!

From Matt S:

Great job!

From Eric P:

This is most excellent.  Thank you IFC for the hard work to get this done.

From Matt M:

Good job guys!

From Ule G:


From Roger M:

Thank you very much!

From Matt E:

That is so awesome!

From Boar B:

Thank you for your time and effort!

The work continues and we’ll have a series of blog posts, emails, and plenty of information that help our members and the public.