Representative Ashely Hinson, who won a tough race against Abbey Finkenauer, in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, recently wrote an opinion piece for the Iowa Torch.  IFC enjoys a great working relationship with Representative Hinson, both now and when she was a House Rep in the Iowa Legislature.  Her opinions on the assault free-born and upstanding law-abiding citizens will endure under Biden’s reign of terror illustrate why she has continued to be an ally to law-abiding Iowans and IFC members at large.

Check out her opinion in the Iowa Torch HERE and be prepared for the fight of our lives.  The Biden administration is focused on control.  They’ll start with the low-hanging fruit, as always, which usually means the Americans that are poor.  The taxes alone in the H.R. 127 bill alone would lock most middle-class owners and below out of firearm ownership, especially in a time when every penny counts for American families.

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