The USS Iowa on manuevers…  This was the first image that came to mind when we learned of the bill introduced last week during IFC’s huge 2A Day at the Capitol.  HSB254 is what we’ve been working towards for a number of years.  Here are some of the components:
-Creates Permitless Carry (Constitutional Carry) – repeals the requirement for an Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons, including when carrying a pistol or revolver concealed at the Capitol.
-Makes the Permit to Acquire (PTA) optional.
-Provides for certification of additional training choices.
-Prohibits public or publicly subsidized landlords from restricting lawful ownership, use, or possessions of firearms or ammo in tenant residences.
-Provides for certain medical care providers to carry on duty (technical fix for law enforcement carry at schools and to preemption of weapons regulation by local governments).

IFC anticipates swift movement through the subcommittees and committees.  Follow this vital legislation and others we’re monitoring on the IFCPAC site with the IFC BILL TRACKER tool.  And, always, know how your legislator votes on these bills.  The IFCPAC site also contains a LEGISLATIVE SCORECARD so you know what votes they took to secure your civil liberties and which ones want to strip you of your rights!

We’ll need your engagement on this and a host of other initiatives we have on the move.  We need your membership, so don’t delay from Joining IFC.

-Michael Ware, IFC Chairman