IFC was surprised to see the 2021 Annual DNR Sale, set for April 10th, to be listed through an Omaha, NE service and held in Omaha.  You’d hope an Iowa company could perform the service.  But if not, holding the auction in Iowa would be the way to go if at all possible.  We weren’t alone in raising some eyebrows.  In fact, some folks were downright mad.

Covid concerns and restrictions forced an online sale last year.  The exposure to many potential buyers through online bidding proved successful for the DNR.  We’re assuming that was, in part, the thinking for this year’s Annual Sale.  You can find the original press release HERE.

However, people took umbrage with this.  I can’t help but wonder if the combination of seeing Iowa’s sale being conducted outside the state along with a strong desire to get back ‘in person’ with people again drove the ire bus.  Whatever it was, DNR took a beating over this.  But, only long enough to take steps and bring the sale to Iowa State Fairgrounds on the same date.  You can find the latest press release HERE containing the auction information.

No matter what the scoop was, it’s now located near the center of the state, has face-to-face and online bidding available, and includes a preview.  The list of items for sale is available at https://www.auctionsolutionsinc.com/auction-details/?auctionGuid=2ff6f608-811d-42d6-897f-6ac2055e752c. Online bidding is available as well as traditional onsite bidding this year. A Friday preview and pre-registration will be conducted on April 9 from 3 to 5 p.m.  Buyers can pre-register through Auction Solutions Inc., at www.auctionsolutionsinc.com.

We’re glad to the auction offering the best of both worlds.  Thanks for the correction, IA DNR!

-Michael Ware – IFC Chairman