I’m happy to announce that Monday, March 22nd, the Iowa Senate successfully passed Constitutional Carry on a vote of 31-17 (with 2 absent) and the Firearms Industry Protection Act on a vote of 31-17 (with 2 absent).  Unfortunately, both bills were partisan, with no support from Democrats who claim to support civil liberties.  I guess only certain liberties are considered “civil” these days… While Constitutional Carry is now recorded as ‘bipartisan’ due to only a single Democrat “Yes” vote from the Iowa House, no Democrats joined in the Senate.  The core precept placed before us all with Constitutional Carry is universal and transcends party lines.  It is always important to remember that our basic human rights don’t align with parties, but people.  We welcome Democrats home if and when they decide to reaffirm their commitment to civil rights. It is fitting we take a moment to thank Senator Jason Schultz and the Senate Leadership for working so hard on behalf of Iowans.  They heard our voices, moved with a bias for action, and defended and reclaimed our basic and fundamental freedoms that have been eroded over the years.  House Files 756 and 621 are through the second hurdle.

Currently, whether we want to admit it or not, our system of permits is one of mistrust.  That means you can exercise a fundamental right but you must prove yourself not guilty in advance. That is not how America is supposed to work. – Senator Jason Schultz

We now turn our focus on the Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds.  We look forward to her signing these pieces of legislation into law. Send your Senator and Representative a “Thank You” and urge Governor Reynolds to sign this as soon as she can.  Do so HERE at the IFC Action Center.  It only takes 20 seconds. In Liberty, Michael Ware – IFC Chairman