I watched this video completely and I doubt that 9 of 10 people experiencing that same thing would have survived.  This is a remarkable story and one that could happen to any of you.

In full disclosure, I’ve never met Scott.  I have heard of Kentucky Ballistics long prior to now but hadn’t been following Scott’s YouTube channel routinely.  The thoughts that come to mind when beginning this video titled, “My 50 Cal Exploded” are probably shared by many of you.  What did he do wrong?  Did he not get the cap tightened all the way?  Did he have a barrel obstruction?  Did the ammo have obvious signs of an issue before he chose to use it?  And so on..

But the truth is, I didn’t notice anything that I took clear issue with.  It appears to me at first look that this was truly the freak accident Scott outlines.  Assuming that’s the case, it brings up some pretty serious questions that we each should be answering.  Just how important are the safety glasses we should always be using?  I believe Scott only has two eyes today because of his safety glasses.  I watch people routinely skip eye protection when shooting.  You should not.  Additionally, don’t snag a pair of $3 glasses at the local gas station and pass them off for eye protection, because they aren’t.  You don’t have to spend much at all to get OSHA-approved safety glasses that truly hold up to impacts and won’t shatter and force glass into your eyes.

What about having his dad there to film him?  I question if Scott had been alone if he’d been able to assess himself and respond to his blood loss as quickly and adequately as his dad did.  Scott’s dad was able to look him over quickly and apply some instant measures to slow blood loss.  That was key to his survival.  Shooting with a buddy is wise for all kinds of reasons.  Don’t ever diminish the idea of a shooting partner, as this is a wise practice.

To be frank, we rarely think through the situations that might save our lives.  We should be doing that more often all the time.  Mental preparedness and some training saved Scott’s life.  It could save yours.  Sure, we want the Big Guy watching over us.  That won’t ever hurt.  But, He expects us to do our part, which means we’ll need to think and act.

What mental preparedness and training are you negligent in considering?

Give this video some thought and put in place a plan for the things you might need.  You could very well save a life – yours, your child’s, or a complete stranger.

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