In response to a recent blog HERE, regarding 2A incrementalism, Thomas Smith reached out to IFC with content we wanted to share.

Using Iowa’s continued roadmap toward deregulation of Citizens 2nd Amendment Rights is the perfect example of how the job gets done.  Everything begins with the quest to be Free of Government overreach in regards to Constitutional Rights.  The purpose/intent of the Bill of Rights was/is Not to show what Rights are to be afforded “We the People”, but what Rights the Government Shall Not deny or delay.  The Founding Patriots who fought, suffered, and died that “We the People” could have a Nation free of Governmental Control over its citizens.

Understood from what they had been experiencing for decades that a populace denied that ability to determine those who would lead their government would and did result in Tyrannical Control with little Rights and No voice after many attempts to reason with those in charge of their destiny failed.  Their die was cast and Revolution was to determine the fate of a populace whose only wish was to have a voice in determining the destiny.  After much bloodshed and loss, a victory was won against tyranny.  Which was followed by a Congress of men coming together to forge a new path for a new nation.

One built upon the Ideals that Freedom and self-determination should be the bedrock on which the new nation should be constructed.  After many years and much discussion, a blueprint was presented in which a set of core beliefs would be the Bill of Rights.  Rights considered to be beyond the reach of Governmental control much in the vein of the Ten Commandments.  Unalienable Rights for the citizenry with the same weight as Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness afforded each person in the Declaration of Independence. 

It was not an easy endeavor to bring a new Nation to this point.  It required many years and much discussion to reach this point in Our nation’s path to Freedom and Liberty.  In that vein, it took many years of political Ideology to reach a point not that many years ago where the citizens of Iowa found themselves having their 2nd Amendment Rights denied and delayed.  Fortunately, the battle to reverse these injustices did not require Revolution.  Because the Founders of Our Nation foresaw such injustices and forged a pathway to allow the citizenry the ability to reverse such Tyranny.  By replacing those politicians who believed their Ideology of Control, Denial of Rights and Lack of Trust in Citizenry was necessary to Transform Society with people who understood the Ideals of Freedom, Liberty, and Self determination of a populace. 

The long struggle to Deregulate the obstructions put in place to deny the Rights of Iowa’s Citizenry began.  It continues to be filled with hard-won victories with much more to be accomplished.  Fortunately, the path was laid in the blood and determination of Our Founder’s.  Leaving the battle to be won on the field of Ideas instead of the fields of blood.  Forever marching toward the shining lights on the hill of Freedom.  One small victory at a time.  Keep Your Powder Dry.

In Liberty:

Thomas Smith